5 Best Titles on Gala Games in Development Right Now That You Should Check Out

Some of the 5 best titles in development for Gala Games right now that you should check out include Mirandus, Legacy, and more.

Jul 25, 2023
by Dragan
5 Best Titles on Gala Games in Development Right Now That You Should Check Out

Gala Games is one if not the biggest blockchain gaming ecosystem currently around, and is increasingly growing with new quality titles for a wide range of different audiences to enjoy. Here are 5 best titles in development for the Gala Games platform right now that you should check out.


Superior is a stylish co-op roguelite third-person shooter that is actually currently available on Steam in Early Access. In development by Drifter, the Steam version is a traditional paid game with no blockchain integration, and as such is more accessible to mainstream gamers, allowing players to easily team up and play using various different characters to shoot their way through mutated superhero bosses and their minions. You get to play through dynamically-configured missions in a stylized superhero universe consisting of a couple of different biomes, leveling up your character and customizing it through its own skill tree.

In order to access the blockchain version, you need to purchase the Early Access Pass on the Gala website using $GALA tokens, which gives you access to 3 different non-tokenized characters you can use to enjoy preseason content. Prime versions of those characters are available as separate NFTs in varying rarities.

The early access version launched in November last year and continues to be updated since. Details on an official launch do not seem to be available at the time of writing.


Mirandus is an upcoming fantasy RPG that will feature a huge world with beautiful low-poly visuals that may remind you of old-school RuneScape, but unlike that classic MMO, this one will have you immersed in first-person view instead of exploring from an isometric perspective. 

In this PC title, player choice and ownership of in-game assets is placed at the core, with the game’s world governed by 5 player-monarchs that you can join and serve as a knight if you wish. There are other roles you can take as well, as by owning land deeds, you’re able to claim open space in the wilderness and set up a shop, farm, or even your own city. There are only 1650 land deeds, each of which has their own basic template that consists of a home for the owner, plots for other players to place buildings on, and walls to protect yourself and your land from various monsters. This means that aside from land, you can own buildings too, and place them on other people’s lands, so long as you pay the lease. 

Whether you’ll focus on crafting weapons and selling them at your own shop, fighting monsters in dungeons or doing something else is up to you. Overall, the whole economy of the game will be completely driven, and it’ll be interesting to see it come to fruition once the game officially releases. As of writing, no timeframe on the official launch seems to be available.

The Walking Dead: Empires

The Walking Dead: Empires is an isometric multiplayer survival game in development by Ember Entertainment. Taking place in the world of AMC’s The Walking Dead, players will team up to scavenge and build in a blockchain-powered MMO while using an NFT Crafting Station to create strong items you can use or sell to others. You’ll be able to own land on which you can build and invite others to build on as well, with the owner of the land getting rewards when players kill, buy or sell on their own turf. Aside from defending yourself from walkers, you may also have to defend yourself from hostile players, while forming alliances with those you can trust.

Everyone looking forward to the game can purchase Hero Packs containing well-known characters from AMC’s Walking Dead, with each pack featuring 3 Hero Cards, one of which is guaranteed to have the same rarity as the pack itself. On the Gala platform you may also find a Prepper Pack containing 5 Rare Crafting Stations and 3 Rare Hero Card packs.

According to messages in the official Discord server of Gala Games, this survival MMORPG is scheduled to launch by the end of the year, initially on PC, followed by a mobile release sometime after. 

Battlestar Galactica Eternity

Battlestar Galactica Eternity is a 4X strategy MMO that takes place in the same universe as popular re-imagined series. It’s being made by Revolving Games, who raised $13.2 for blockchain game development in September last year. As of writing, not many details have been revealed so far. What we do know is that the game will consist of seasons replaying the Cylon attack on Humantiy, with every season split into 3 phases: rebuild, reunite, reclaim. The Twelve Colonies will be 12 different factions, with players having the option to choose which ones they want to play with at the beginning of a season. There will be ships and officers that players can own as playable NFTs, with progress possible to carry from season to season, but owning them might not be needed to play as it might be possible to earn them through gameplay as in-game rewards. 

These are details from an official post in October 2022, so it remains to be seen whether this is how the game will actually work once it officially launches as not much has been said since. Speaking of the launch, based on an AMA last year, we might see the game come to light in Q1 2024. Hopefully we’ll get some proper new information on the game sooner rather than later, as creating a blockchain game based on such an IP sounds exciting.


Legacy is a blockchain business sim being made by 22cans and well-known game designer, Peter Molyneux, who created popular franchises such as Fable and Dungeon Keeper. In this game, the goal is to create your own business by designing and manufacturing your own products to sell and trade in order to grow into a mega corporation. You’ll get to manage your own town featuring customizable buildings while competing against other players through various challenges and events. The game will have its own cryptocurrency called LegacyCoin that you’ll be able to earn by playing, and will be needed for gaining access to exclusive NFTs and for more use cases. The game has its own Land NFTs as well that come in different rarities and other important differences.

Based on the announcement channel for the game in Gala’s Discord server, the developers are working on integrating Legacy into GalaChain while preparing a release plan, so it may not be long before we get some proper timeframes on the game’s launch.

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