5 Blockchain Gaming Events to Watch Out for in July

Some of the 5 blockchain gaming events to watch out for in July include the start of Mojo Melee Season 1, the introduction of the Gala Games Leaderboard to Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG, and more.

Jul 3, 2023
by Dragan
5 Blockchain Gaming Events to Watch Out for in July

No matter the market conditions, there’s always something to look out for in the exciting world of blockchain gaming. Here are 5 blockchain gaming events you may want to watch out for in this month of July.

Plushie Guardians: Incursions PVE Bug Hunt Contest with $10K Prize Pool

Plushie Guardians: Incursions is a turn-based battle game which recently got a new game mode: PVE. To mark this launch and reward players with a keen attention to detail, the developers have decided to launch a bug hunt contest with a $10k prize pool. The more bugs you find, the more money you could get. Playing this new mode however does require having a Plushie OG NFT, which will likely have use cases within the entire Plushie Guardians franchise. The contest will end on July 12.

MetaWars Game Demo V2

The developers of MetaWars, a sci-fi strategic RPG, are planning to launch the second version of their game demo on July 6 at 9 AM UTC. It’ll be playable on 64-bit Windows PCs and allow players to test out a new social hub.

AFAR Rush Soft Launch Expansion

AFAR Rush is a blockchain idle racing game which soft launched in the Philippines on the Google Play Store in May. Greece was added shortly afterwards, with the developers announcing in June that they soon plan on expanding to more than 60 countries. No specific date has been given, but here’s hoping it happens this month.

The Gala Games Leaderboard in Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG

The Gala Games Leaderboard is officially making its way to Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG on July 6, making it possible for players with NFT Heroes to earn rewards by ranking high enough on the leaderboard. This leaderboard will be weekly, with points earned using the NFTs across various events all set to count towards this upcoming new weekly leaderboard. 

Mojo Melee Season 1

Following the launch of open beta Season 0 last month, the blockchain autochess game is already set to go in Season 1 this month on July 6, introducing a new Champion, a new Premium Battle Pass, and more. Additional info can be found in the roadmap.

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