5 Things that Web3 Games Can Learn from Genshin Impact, According to a Pro

Nowadays, given the crypto bear market, many Web3 games were forced to shut down. According to pro analyst @CryptoTakai, this doesn't have to be the case. In fact, there are 5 things that NFT gaming projects can learn from popular RPGs like Genshin Impact. Let's dive in!

Jun 12, 2022
by Akira Ming
5 Things that Web3 Games Can Learn from Genshin Impact, According to a Pro

What are the 5 things that Web3 games can learn from Genshin Impact? 

Given the relentless onslaught by the crypto bear market, many Web3 games were forced to shut down. The reasons could be due to crashing token/NFT prices or simply due to the fact that no one wants to play the game anymore. But that doesn't have to be the case. According to pro analyst @CryptoTakai, there are 5 lessons that NFT gaming projects can learn from successful RPGs like Genshin Impact.

1. Create different demands for in-game items

Firstly, always create different demands for in-game items. According to Takai, Genshin players usually spend money on playable characters and stronger weapons. But, they can also buy in-game resources to shorten their grinding time or buy some limited-ed furniture to decorate their virtual home. See the diversity there? On the other hand, NFT games tend to only focus on 1 core game loop. So, when there's a demand for these NFTs, the token price will pump. When there's none, many players would just sell away the NFTs and the tokens. 

2. Create limited-time events regularly

Next, come up with limited-time events, regularly. This is especially true for free-to-play games like Genshin Impact. To create a more valuable experience for players, Web3 games can issue event-exclusive items that are only available to their participants. For instance, players can only earn the rare Crown of Insights by completing special events in Genshin. So instead of adjusting the game economy, crypto game devs should really focus on using the game to retain their players. 

3. Single-player, curated games are better

The next tip comes off as a surprise though. According to Takai, a single-player, curated gaming experience works better than multiplayer PvP games. The reason is quite simple. With a curated experience or storyline, devs don't have to work so much on balancing the meta across different players. That's a pretty neat one, don't you think?

4. Simple token model

Besides that, crypto games will need to keep a simple token model. In Genshin Impact, the 2 main currencies are Primogems which are used to summon characters and weapons, and Gold for upgrades. As explained by Takai, if Genshin was an NFT game, Gold will not be an on-chain token. This is to prevent unnecessary price volatility for tokens that have unlimited supply like Gold in the open market. Primogems on the other hand will serve as a bonus token instead. This is something that Web3 games should consider. 

5. Enter the market with a good game first

Given that, Genshin Impact first marketed itself as an exciting exploration and action game. Then make you stay for your virtual in-game characters afterward. To that note, crypto games should just start promoting themselves with a good game and let players stay due to the game's stickiness. Instead, crypto games nowadays mostly advertised themselves as play-to-earn games first. This, according to Takai, will attract profit-driven players to the game. It will be hard to retain them in the long run. 

At last, these are 5 things that Takai thinks Web3 games can learn from Genshin Impact. With gaming pros and analysts like Takai contributing to the space, we can't wait to see a better landscape for crypto games in the future. 

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