5 Trends to Watch on NFT Games in 2023

Some of the 5 trends to potentially watch out for on NFT games in 2023 include increased adoption, regulation, collectible crossovers, and more.

Jun 30, 2023
by Dragan
5 Trends to Watch on NFT Games in 2023

The growing blockchain gaming industry has undergone many highs and lows throughout its infancy, and with the current unpredictable market landscape, there’s no denying that predicting what the future holds is certainly not an easy task. However, with the recent developments made throughout the past few months, we could perhaps make an educated guess on 5 different trends on NFT games to watch out for during the rest of 2023. These include increased adoption, cross-platform integration, enhanced gameplay mechanics, collectible crossovers, and regulation & standardization.

Increased Adoption

Crypto games are likely to continue gaining popularity and seeing increased adoption as more players and developers recognize the value and potential of blockchain technology and digital assets. More and more traditional developers are entering Web3, veterans who know what it takes to make fun games, and maybe even platforms too, with play-to-earn ecosystems potentially crucial for increased adoption.

Cross-Platform Integration

NFT games may explore cross-platform integration, allowing players to use their NFTs across multiple games or platforms. This interoperability could enhance the value and utility of NFTs, enabling players to have a unified gaming experience. A key advocate of asset interoperability can be seen in the team behind Galaxy Fight Club, but also in leading blockchain gaming investor Animoca Brands and voxel-based metaverse The Sandbox, among others.

Enhanced Gameplay Mechanics 

Developers might focus on enhancing the gameplay mechanics within NFT games, providing more immersive and engaging experiences. This could involve incorporating innovative features, such as dynamic NFT interactions, player-driven economies, or unique in-game events tied to NFT ownership. A current good example of this can be seen in ev.io, a free-to-play arena FPS that anyone can hop into and enjoy on browsers, with optional skin NFTs available for those who’d like to earn $SOL through a system that rewards skills over idling.

Collectible Crossovers 

Collaborations between NFT games and other popular franchises or brands could become more prevalent. This could involve creating limited-edition NFT collectibles or in-game items based on well-known intellectual properties, allowing fans to interact with their favorite characters or universes in a new way. The Sandbox is one such example of a project attracting many popular traditional IPs and working with them to create crossover non-fungible tokens. 

Regulation & Standardization 

With the growing popularity of NFT games, there may be an increased focus on regulatory frameworks and standardization within the industry. This could help address concerns related to security, ownership rights, and transparency, ultimately fostering trust and wider adoption of NFT games. While regulatory concerns continue to remain, with the recent MiCA regulatory framework, perhaps it won’t be long before we get clearer standards for NFT games, paving the way for larger adoption from traditional companies once fear of legal issues are completely alleviated.

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