A Glimpse into the Future: The Potential of Web3 Games on Steam

While NFTs have mostly found a home on blockchain-based platforms, there is growing interest in whether marketplaces like Steam will eventually embrace blockchain games. Let's explore how Steam might one day allow Web3 titles and the reasons behind its current ban.

Aug 25, 2023
by Akira Ming
A Glimpse into the Future: The Potential of Web3 Games on Steam

Disclaimer: This is only a hypothetical scenario. 

Potential circumstances for adding Web3 games

Consumer Demand and Acceptance: One of the most compelling drivers for blockchain titles on Steam would be substantial consumer demand. If players express a genuine interest in Web3 games and are comfortable with owning and trading digital assets, Steam might consider adopting them. High demand could signify a market shift, pushing Steam to evolve its approach and cater to players seeking the unique benefits of blockchain games. 

Regulatory Clarity: Navigating the regulatory landscape surrounding crypto and NFTs is crucial. Steam would likely require a clear regulatory framework that ensures compliance with financial laws, tax regulations, and consumer protection. If governments worldwide establish transparent guidelines for NFTs, Steam may be more inclined to explore their integration, as it would mitigate legal uncertainties.

Integration of NFTs Beyond Ownership: The integration of NFTs could go beyond mere ownership of in-game assets. If NFTs can be used to enhance gameplay experiences, enable new forms of creative expression, or facilitate community-driven content, Steam might see the added value in incorporating Web3 games. 

Reasons for the current ban

Regulatory Uncertainty: The regulatory landscape for NFTs is still evolving, with varying levels of clarity in different jurisdictions. Steam, as a responsible platform, may be hesitant to integrate blockchain games until there's a more consistent and well-defined legal framework surrounding these digital assets. This caution is crucial to avoid potential legal pitfalls and consumer protection issues.

Market Speculation and Volatility: The current volatility and speculation within the NFT market could present risks for both players and the platform. If the crypto market were to experience a sudden crash or significant devaluation, it could negatively impact those who have invested in blockchain games. Steam's desire to provide a stable and reliable gaming environment might lead to caution in adopting NFTs.

User Education: NFT is a relatively new concept for many gamers, and there's a need for substantial user education. Steam may be waiting until players have a better understanding of NFTs, their benefits, and potential risks before including them in the marketplace. Educated players, in essence, would be more likely to engage responsibly with crypto games.

If Steam were to support blockchain games…

Enhanced Ownership and Trading: If Steam embraced Web3 games, players would experience enhanced ownership of in-game items. Currently, mainstream titles often have in-game assets and cosmetics that players can buy or earn, but true ownership remains with the developers or the platform. Web3 integration could change this paradigm, allowing players to have actual ownership of their in-game items, trade them freely, and potentially use them across many games, regardless of the developer. 

Monetization and Player Empowerment: NFTs have introduced the concept of "play-to-earn" or "play-and-earn," allowing players to earn real-world value through their in-game activities. If Steam adopted such games, players could potentially monetize their skills and time spent in games by earning precious NFTs. This could reshape the dynamics of the gaming world, with players becoming more active participants in the economy rather than just consumers.

Cross-Game Compatibility: One of the exciting prospects of Steam incorporating blockchain games is the potential for cross-game compatibility. Players could own NFTs that hold value and utility across various games on the Steam platform. Imagine earning a powerful sword in one game and being able to wield it in another game developed by a different studio. This could greatly enhance player engagement and encourage the exploration of different titles within the Steam ecosystem.

Community and Creativity: NFTs offer a unique way for players to engage with their favorite games by creating and trading unique assets. If Steam were to support Web3 games, developers could encourage players to design and mint their items, characters, or even user-generated content as NFTs. This fosters a deeper sense of community involvement and creativity as players contribute directly to the game's ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

The potential inclusion of blockchain games into the Steam platform has sparked much interest and curiosity. While NFTs provide novel opportunities to transform gaming and player ownership, some considerable challenges and considerations must be addressed. The path to NFT integration on Steam depends on various factors, including consumer demand, regulatory clarity, and innovative applications of NFTs. 

The current ban on blockchain games on Steam is based on legitimate concerns, such as regulatory uncertainties, market volatility, and the need for user education. As the gaming world continues to evolve and the Web3 landscape matures, Steam may find ways to navigate these challenges and harness the potential benefits of Web3 games. Whether blockchain titles ultimately find a place on Steam will depend on a careful balance of innovation, responsible business practices, and ever-changing player preferences. 

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