Aavegotchi Launches Halloween 2023 Party

The event will include an IRL Costume Contest, an online Art Contest, a First 3D Playtest, and a GHST airdrop.

Oct 24, 2023
by Michael
Aavegotchi Launches Halloween 2023 Party

Aavegotchi has announced its fourth Halloween since its launching, and the festival will be celebrated as an epic party on Discord. The party is expected to commence on Saturday, October 28th (10 pm SGT/ 10 am EST / 2 pm UTC) on the Discord server. 

Events Of The First Hour

The first hour of the event will be for the GHST Tipping Galore where players will have access to secret phrases to access massive airdrops. The game directors, Andy Tudor and Jason Slama, will be on air to give updates on the Gotchiverse3D, Gotchi Guardians, and Aarena. There will also be an art contest where players must make fancy art with the theme ‘ Gotchis Dressed up for Halloween.’

The prizes for the contest are as follows

  • 1st position: 2 FAKE Gotchis Cards, $100 Alchemica 
  • 2nd position: 1 FAKE Gotchi Card, $50 Alchemica 
  • 3rd position: 1 FAKE Gotchi Card, $25 Alchemica 
  • 4-5th position: $10 Alchemica 
  • 6-10th position: $5 Alchemica 

Entries should be submitted to [email protected] using the subject ‘Spooky Art Contest’ and should be done 24 hours before the contest begins.

Events In The Second Hour 

The second hour of the festival will be for the first epic community playtest using the 3D Phaser build of the Gotchiverse. The 3D Phaser is different from the 2D version as it gives an immersive experience for players. Players can compete in the Aarena and win $GLTR prizes. 

There will also be an IRL Costume contest where players must create an aavesome Halloween costume or add a aavegotchi theme to it. They must photograph it after wearing it and upload it on X (formerly Twitter) by November 1st, 4 pm UTC, and add #GotchiHalloween as the hashtag. The prize for the Costume is as follows:

  • 1st position: 500 GHST
  • 2nd position: 200 GHST
  • 3rd position: 100 GHST
  • 4-5th position: 50 GHST

Every other participant will get 10 GHST each.

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