Agache introduces Aglaé Ventures to release a dedicated €100m Web 3 fund

Aglaé Ventures, Agache's tech investment group, has unveiled a new dedicated €100 million fund with a focus on Web 3 projects.

Aug 12, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Agache introduces Aglaé Ventures to release a dedicated €100m Web 3 fund

When it comes to investing, Agache has a particularly strong track record. Notably, the company has made numerous investments in Web2. For instance, Aglaé Ventures has consistently supported disruptors like Airbnb, Slack, Spotify, and even Netflix since its inception.

Additionally, a number of appointments from the world of cryptocurrency coincide with this dedicated fund. Vannessa Grellet from CoinFund and Jordan Lazaro Gustave from Aave are among those who have been appointed. Grellet and Gustave will oversee Aglaé's cryptocurrency investments.

In particular, the team will concentrate on projects that advance the creator economy, web 3 infrastructure, scalability, and decentralized/centralized finance.

The company's website states that investments in any of these projects could total anything from $100,000 to millions of dollars.

More about Agache

The company invests – as a lead or follower – in:

  • Seed and Series A in France and in the US ($100k to $10m) in Series B through Pre-IPO on a global scale ($10m to $100m)
  • They also support companies with global ambitions and extraordinary teams and partner with entrepreneurs whose values align with Aglaé 's principles.
  • Focus on building real value over the perception of world-class standards of excellence and promote the values of teamwork.

Furthermore, Aglaé Ventures follows a long-term investment approach which focuses on Capital, Expertise, Global Presence,  and networks.

It is always fascinating to observe how actively companies are transitioning to a web3 domain.

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