AI and Blockchain Forge a "Symbiotic Relationship" in Gaming, Says Animoca Brands CEO

Animoca Brands CEO discusses the mutually beneficial relationship between AI and blockchain in the gaming industry, highlighting the potential for generative art and the integration of AI with blockchain-based games.

Jun 20, 2023
by Anvi Saini
AI and Blockchain Forge a "Symbiotic Relationship" in Gaming, Says Animoca Brands CEO

AI's Impact on Artistic Productivity 

Yung revealed that Animoca Brands has been involved with AI for quite some time, nurturing AI companies and incorporating AI technologies into game development. He emphasized how generative AI has revolutionized art teams' productivity and development processes, comparing it to the transformation from horses to tractors for farmers.

Generative art, powered by AI, has the potential to significantly increase the efficiency and output of art teams, enabling them to create more content and enhance the gaming experience.

The Synergy Between AI and Blockchain in Gaming and Transactions

AI has found extensive applications within the gaming industry, as demonstrated by Nvidia's introduction of Nvidia ACE for Games, a suite of AI tools enhancing nonplayer characters (NPCs) in games. Yung highlighted the interactive nature of AI-integrated gaming experiences, stating that when games are built on the blockchain, AI integration becomes even more significant.

Yung stated, "AI has a very symbiotic relationship with what we do in blockchain. NPCs will actually become characters in a blockchain game, which means they will have transactions among each other." This integration between AI and blockchain allows for a more immersive and dynamic gaming environment, with NPCs engaging in transactions and interactions with players.

Yung further suggested that crypto will likely become the native currency of AI, as transactions between AI-powered entities within blockchain-based games would require cryptocurrency.

Embracing Regulations for Clarity and Investment

Addressing the impact of regulations on the gaming and metaverse industries, which extensively employ emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies, Yung expressed his support for regulations that provide clarity. He emphasized the importance of having predictable and transparent regulatory environments, as it fosters investment and confidence among investors and shareholders.

Furthermore, Yung believes that clarity in regulations is beneficial for the growth and stability of markets. Thus, creating an environment where businesses can thrive and attract investment. Uncertainty, on the other hand, can deter investors and hinder market development.

The symbiotic relationship between AI and blockchain continues to shape the gaming industry, opening up new possibilities for immersive experiences, dynamic interactions, and the emergence of a crypto-native economy within games. 

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