Alien Worlds Unveils Roadmap, Scheduled Event Remains Unchanged

NFT game, Alien World has released its roadmap, failing to include any special yuletide event.

Dec 20, 2022
by Michael
Alien Worlds Unveils Roadmap, Scheduled Event  Remains Unchanged

Popular NFT-based metaverse game, Alien Worlds has released its roadmap. Unlike many other projects that are coming up with new events for the yuletide season, Alien Season is maintaining its order of events. This approach is unarguably very rare to come by in the game industry this season. The team released the roadmap as a guide to interested players. 

Alien World Roadmap: Full Details 

The roadmap was divided into three different categories namely completed projects, near-term, and coming soon.  Alien Worlds listed several achievements accomplished by the team so far. These achievements include the following: launching of technical blueprint, minting of Trillium, creation of NFTs and other core mechanics, development and release of Alpha AI. Other completed projects include losing $TLM on Binance, introduction, and upgrades of teleport, launching of farm period, and so on. 

The Alien Worlds roadmap also highlighted some milestones under development. Most of this near-term development is channeled toward providing a better UI experience. However, the team did not state any specific date for the release of these developments. They include the launch of Nebule events and other in-game quests, automation of the claim function, creator of landowner-specific NFT, and finally an interactive storyline. 

The last categories on the Alien World roadmap are tagged “coming soon.” This category is slightly different from near-term projects because it would take a longer time to develop. There are a few items under this section: releases of fighting games, the launch of the Artifacts NFTs, the window display of Landowners items, and the introduction of governance. 

An additional section of the roadmap addresses the team’s future plan for the Alien Worlds Galaxy. Some major plans include unlocking avatar enhancement,  immersive quest experiences, additional terraforming, the introduction of selected external NFT collections, etc. Alien World's weekly schedule features trivia on Telegram and Discord alongside Twitch games.

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