Alien Worlds Season 14 Brings Exciting NFTs for Miners

Each day in July will have a special NFT collection, which will be available 24 hours after release.

Jul 3, 2023
by Michael
Alien Worlds Season 14 Brings Exciting NFTs for Miners

Alien Worlds Season 14

Alien Worlds has announced its Season 14, filled with daily Blazing Specials. These hot offers include a collection of Avatars and a wide array of mining tools backed by popular demand. Whether you prefer high-powered, long charge time tools for master blasting or speedy extraction activities as a rocket-fast miner, a Blazing Special will cater to your needs.

As from July 1st at 00:00 UTC, a new Special will be available every 24 hours throughout the month. This means that 31 NFTs will be up for redemption at reduced User Points, so seize them while they're hot!

Alien Worlds is a free and captivating mining game where players assume the role of space explorers, also known as miners. The game takes place in the futuristic year 2055 when Earth's inhabitants have found a means to escape raging pandemics. The most advanced Bitcoin mining community, known as the Federation, stumbles upon mysterious messages within its algorithmic solutions, discovering a wormhole that enables humans to travel to distant exoPlanets.

NFTs and Their Release Dates

Each day of the month will have a special NFT collection, and the schedule is as follows (the text is written as Name; Rarity; and User Points):

1st of July: ExoGloves; Common; 14,250

2nd of July: Male Nordic; Common; 4750

3rd of July: Female Nordic; Common; 4750

4th of July: Female Grey; Common; 4750

5th of July: Male Grey; Common; 4750

6th of July: Female Little Grey Person; Rare; 38,175

7th of July: Female Reptiloid; Rare; 38,175

8th of July: Male Reptiloid; Rare; 38,175

9th of July: Robotron Soldier; Epic; 76,250

10th of July: Ted Shadewick; Epic; 76,250

11th of July: Commander Church; Legendary; 152,500

12th of July: Artunian Shovel; Rare; 114,525

13th of July: Barrel Digger; Rare; 114,525

14th of July: Draco's Axe; Rare; 114,525

15th of July: Glavor Disc; Rare; 114,525

16th of July: Large Capacitor; Rare; 114,525

17th of July: Large Explosive; Rare; 114,525

18th of July: Processing Ring; Rare; 114,525

19th of July: Advanced TD; Rare; 114,525

20th of July: Causian Attractor; Rare; 114,525

21st of July: Dacalizer; Rare; 114,525

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