AMGI Studios and Prime Gaming Join Forces to Spotlight My Pet Hooligan on Epic Games

AMGI Studios has teamed up with Prime Gaming, Amazon's gaming subscription service, coinciding with the launch of My Pet Hooligan (MPH) on the Epic Game Store. This collaboration introduces My Pet Hooligan to a broader audience, offering exclusive in-game content to Prime Gaming subscribers.

Sep 21, 2023
by Michael
AMGI Studios and Prime Gaming Join Forces to Spotlight My Pet Hooligan on Epic Games

AMGI Studios has struck a 12-month deal with Prime Gaming, Amazon's gaming subscription service, coinciding with the release of My Pet Hooligan (MPH) on the Epic Game Store. This partnership brings the wild world of My Pet Hooligan to Prime Gaming's audience and the existing Epic Games Store player base.

Since the closed Alpha 2.0 Turbo version of My Pet Hooligan's release on the Epic Games Store and its exclusive launch on the Polygon network, the game has garnered positive feedback from players and beyond. This collaboration with Prime Gaming for the public release is set to catapult My Pet Hooligan into the mainstream gaming scene.

As part of the launch, a cinematic trailer was unveiled featuring Hooli skateboarding through the chaotic streets of Hooliland while listening to Dick Flood's "Looking Around." Prime Gaming subscribers will get to experience this Hooligan chaos and more with the game's launch.

Exclusive Content for Prime Gaming Subscribers

Prime Gaming subscribers who access the game will receive exclusive digital bundles of customized My Pet Hooligan in-game content. These bundles feature fresh, never-before-seen gear, from in-game wearables to skins and badges. The first bundle, Max's Outfit, includes a Zip-up Hoody, Jeans, Shoes, and Thumps by Kré Black Headphones, available for 30 days starting September 20, 2023, with subsequent monthly drops.

This collaboration puts My Pet Hooligan alongside other prominent titles on the Prime platform like League of Legends, Valorant, and Diablo IV. It positions My Pet Hooligan as one of the early web3 games on the platform, contributing to the adoption of web3 games in the broader gaming community.

Luke Paglia, Chief Operating Officer of AMGI Studios, emphasized their commitment to storytelling and animation, stating that they believe web3 ownership is the future of gaming, provided players fall in love with the games. This partnership with Prime Gaming offers mainstream gamers the chance to experience the excitement of My Pet Hooligan, whether through exploring digital collectibles or simply enjoying the gameplay.

Unlocking New Possibilities for AMGI and My Pet Hooligan

My Pet Hooligan stands out with its creative storytelling, quirky characters, and layered lore that enhances the gaming experience. The game's web3 component introduces players to digital ownership, giving them greater control over in-game assets. Partnering with Prime Gaming allows AMGI to showcase web3's potential to a wider audience, leveraging Prime Gaming's market reach for mainstream recognition.

While the full extent of this partnership is yet to be unveiled, it marks the beginning of exciting possibilities for AMGI and My Pet Hooligan. Future collaborations with Prime Gaming and Amazon across various sectors beyond gaming are on the horizon. Colin Brady, Chief Creative Officer of AMGI, views this partnership as a gateway to the wider gaming industry, tapping into Amazon's vast market reach and marketing network. He believes this collaboration is just the start of an endless journey with endless possibilities for exploration and collaboration.

My Pet Hooligan can now be accessed through Prime Gaming, offering exclusive in-game content. Players can download the game on the Epic Games Store and dive into the fun today.

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