AMGI Studios raises money for a Web3-Hollywood metaverse game

AMGI Studios has raised capital to create a non-fungible token (NFT) game as well as a metaverse that connects Web3 and Hollywood.

Jul 18, 2022
by Anvi Saini
AMGI Studios raises money for a Web3-Hollywood metaverse game

Yield Guild Games, Bitkraft Ventures, and Delphi Digital contributed to the funding. The funding amount was not revealed.

AMGI is working on various NFT Projects

The game's animators are ex-Pixar and Disney employees. They're working on ‘My Pet Hooligan’, an NFT project, as well as Immi, a mobile game that will allow players to create real-time animated creatures.

The effort is expected to bring NFTs to life. The funds will be used to expand AMGI's metaverse, a realm of interconnected virtual worlds, as seen in novels such as Snow Crash and Ready Player One.

AMGI is also working on a game called The Rabbit Hole, which is a cross between Grand Theft Auto and Zootopia. According to the company, the game will include “free, adventurous, and rebellious gameplay juxtaposed with high-quality animated characters.”

All three investors will also serve as advisors to AMGI as it develops gameplay, in-game ecosystems, and in-game social structures.

AMGI stated that it is on a mission to bridge the gap between Hollywood and the Web3 ecosystem by combining proprietary technology with high-quality, character-driven animation. NFTs employ blockchain to authenticate one-of-a-kind digital products, and Hollywood studios use them to generate rare digital treasures.

AMGI has created a portfolio of cutting-edge animation skills and technologies that will serve as the foundation for the growth of Web3.

In addition to AMGI's recently launched mobile app Immi, with celebrity investors such as Marc Cuban, Tony Robbins, Pitbull, and Paris Hilton, The Rabbit Hole's action-adventure metaverse game is an iterative and open-world experience that sits in a larger Unreal 5 metaverse architecture being built by AMGI called Interloop.

The company stated that it is developing long-term plans for how Interloop will evolve over time, including the possibility for other projects and companies to adopt and build upon the architecture to create their own unique experiences.

According to AMGI, Interloop will provide an immersive digital experience while also bringing other projects together with true interoperability. A framework ensures consistency while allowing developers to construct their own experiences and gameplay types. The Rabbit Hole is the initial piece of that larger puzzle.

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