Animoca Brands and Hex Trust Announce Launch of Gryfyn, an NFT-Focused Web3 Wallet

Animoca Brands and Hex Trust have announced the official launch of joint venture Gryfyn, an NFT-centric custodial multi-chain Web3 wallet that aims to allow for easy access to digital experiences and secure ownership of digital assets.

Mar 24, 2023
by Dragan
Animoca Brands and Hex Trust Announce Launch of Gryfyn, an NFT-Focused Web3 Wallet

Renowned blockchain gaming investor Animoca Brands and fully-licensed digital asset custodian Hex Trust have announced the official launch of their joint venture called Gryfyn, a Web3 custodial wallet centered on NFTs.

According to Animoca’s Twitter thread and official announcement, the Gryfyn wallet uses licensed and insured “institutional-grade” infrastructure from Hex Trust in order to provide “bank-grade” security, while allowing users of the custodial multi-chain wallet to easily interact with various Web3 projects and blockchain networks.

It’s been announced that the co-COO of Animoca Brands, Arnoldo Concepción, has been appointed as the CEO of Gryfyn, who said the following in the press release:

“We want to connect people to new experiences. Gryfyn is a digital passport that connects anyone anywhere with their favorite experiences, whether it's in games, sports, music, education, transportation or anything else. We’re really excited to onboard the mass market to great and secure Web3 experiences.”

Gryfyn managed to secure $7.5 million in funding from investors such as Animoca Ventures, Liberty City Ventures, GameFi Ventures, Mind Fund, angel investor and co-founder of Yield Guild Games Gabby Dizon and more. The wallet underwent a successful soft launch at the Hong Kong Fintech Week in November last year, after which Gryfyn managed to form various global partnerships and plans to release various new features and “activations events” during this year. 

Hex Trust CEO and co-founder Alessio Quaglini added the following:

“We are thrilled about launching Gryfyn globally today; it represents another milestone towards fulfilling our mission to unlock ownership in decentralized markets while providing unparalleled security measures. Gryfyn will become even more important given the increasing number of partnerships we have coming up over the next few months."

Hex Trust is a Hong Kong-based custodian for digital assets, founded in 2018 to provide bank-grade custody and financial services for digital assets in Asia with their propriety bank-grade platform called Hex Safe. The company is licensed in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and Italy.

Executive chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu, commented:     

"Gryfyn is a major part of our efforts to bring mass adoption closer by providing high-quality user experiences on top-tier products in the open metaverse, where true digital ownership is finally possible. It's also important because we want our users' data to be protected at all times - something that only a specialized service like Gryfyn can provide.”

The official article can be found linked in the Twitter thread down below.

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