Animoca Brands Releases Updates for Benji Banana Season Two Rewards Campaign

Verified Benji Bananas Membership Pass holders will subsequently enjoy a play-to-earn mechanism starting from Season Two Rewards Campaign.

Jul 3, 2022
by Michael
Animoca Brands Releases Updates for Benji Banana Season Two Rewards Campaign

Recently, the premier season reward campaign involving the distribution of 18,000,000 $PRIMATE tokens to verified Bananas Membership Pass holders ended. The distribution took place for over a month, and the team earlier released a step-to-step guide to assist interested individuals get verified.

In forthcoming seasons, an official statement has been published that the reward campaign will feature a play-to-earn mechanism where tokens will be distributed according to the player's performance. Animoca Brands developers have updated the Benji Bananas mobile game, permitting the team to share the user’s playing metrics with their play-to-earn model. 

The Play-To-Earn Mechanism

The mechanism will explore five aspects of the gameplay, which will be combined to evaluate the player’s performance and impact the rewards’ distribution during a specific season. The aspects include:

  1. Distance; the longest distance obtained in a single game during the season.
  2. Total Distance; the accumulated value of all the distances achieved during the season.
  3. Total Bananas; the accumulated value of all the bananas collected during the season. 
  4. Total Games; the number of games played during the season.
  5. World; the highest world achieved in a single game during the season.

Meanwhile, the team has also released a form to all players and Benji Pass holders to share their thoughts regarding the play-to-earn model though the model is still undergoing some finishing touches.

Interested participants in the seasons of reward campaigns must own at least a Benji Bananas Membership NFT, link their Apple ID or Google Play account to their wallet on the website, and also complete the Blockpass KYC verification process. The Benji Bananas Membership NFT can be purchased on OpenSea, LooksRare, Rarible and Coinbase.

Furthermore, in response to the community members' question, the team has stated the following:

  • The linking of a game account to several devices is highly not recommended, as progress will be separately calculated on each device.
  • Installation and reinstallation will reset the game, even though the game account is connected on the phone. 

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