Apeiron Season 2 Guild War Prelim Tournament: Boss Rush Mode and Prizes Announced

The Apeiron Guild War Season 2 Prelim Tournament is set to begin, bringing together the top 16 communities for an intense competition.

Jul 14, 2023
by Anvi Saini
Apeiron Season 2 Guild War Prelim Tournament: Boss Rush Mode and Prizes Announced

The AGW S2 Prelims: An Overview of the Community Tournament

Apeiron, the world's first NFT-based play-and-earn god game, is gearing up for its Season 2 Guild War Prelim Tournament. With the end of Season 2 fast approaching, the competition has been fierce, and players are eagerly awaiting the chance to participate in the prestigious tournament.

The Apeiron Guild War Season 2 Prelims is a community tournament where the top 16 communities from the leaderboard will be invited to compete. These communities will send their best players to vie for a prize pool exceeding $12,000 USDC in cash, along with a wealth of rare Apeiron NFTs. The tournament promises to be an intense battle of skill and strategy.

One of the highlights of the tournament is the introduction of the Boss Rush mode. Participating teams will engage in a single-elimination format where they will face off against each other in a special Boss Rush mode. The objective is to defeat as many bosses as possible within a set period of time, showcasing their abilities and teamwork.

To ensure a level playing field, teams will be provided with access to a special Boss Rush build of the game and unique accounts. Each team will consist of three players, each playing as one of the three Tempest Avatars: The Wisdom, The Fury, or The Fate. It is mandatory for each team to select one Avatar from each class.

Boss Rush: The Thrilling Structure of the Tournament Matches

During the Boss Rush, players will have 30 minutes to defeat as many bosses as they can. The player who defeats more bosses than their opponent, using the same Avatar class, will be declared the winner. To secure a victory in a match, a team must win at least two out of three of the Avatar head-to-head battles. In case of a tie, an "Overtime" period will determine the winner as players race to defeat the next boss as quickly as possible.

The tournament will kick off in the first week of August, with the quarterfinals and beyond being streamed and commentated on Apeiron's Twitch channel. This provides a fantastic opportunity for communities to gain exposure and recognition for their skills.

The Boss Rush mode starts with players selecting their Avatar and skipping the tutorial. They will then enter Boss Rush Depth 1, where they will choose one of three predetermined Artifacts. Following a brief battle, players' Avatars will level up to 15, gain 10,000 Soul Gems, and have the chance to choose their Apostles.

The Apostles, which players can select, will have pre-set skills and will be the same level (15) with identical IVs (100) and level 1 skills. Players will have a variety of Apostles to choose from, categorized into Treasure Boxes representing different classes such as Hunter, Mage, Priest, Warrior, Guardian, and Rogue.

Throughout the Boss Rush, defeated bosses will reward players with Soul Gems and XP, allowing their Avatars to level up further. As the Boss Rush progresses, players will face increasingly challenging bosses, making the competition more intense.

Apeiron is excited to see the strategies and tactics that different communities will employ to secure victory in Season 2. It encourages players to register their communities before the deadline on Friday, July 14th, to secure their place in the tournament.

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