Aphelium Announces v0.13.0 Update Featuring Reputation, Friendship & More

In v0.13.0, the beta version of Aphelium is getting updated with features such as Reputation, Friendship, the Stardust Pledge, and 2 types of encounters: Landowner & Broken Robot.

Oct 27, 2023
by Dragan
Aphelium Announces v0.13.0 Update Featuring Reputation, Friendship & More

The developers of Aphelium, a metaverse Discord game utilizing NFT land on the WAX blockchain, have announced that they’re set to release update 0.13.0 to the beta version, introducing various new features.

What’s New in V0.13.0?

In v0.13.0, the team has introduced Reputation, Friendship, the Stardust Pledge, and two types of encounters: Broken Robot and Landowner Encounter.


Reputation is a new metric that tracks your engagement in ‘work events,’ which are interactions with NPCs that happen when using the /work command. By engaging with these NPCs, you can boost and keep a high reputation level, with the maximum being 50 points. If your reputation goes below 0, it will hinder your chances of being able to work on rare+ lands.


Friendship marks “the first step in building social interactions within the game.” It’s resembled in points that you gain in work events, but can also be decreased if you make enemies. You can have a maximum 100 points, and you need between 30-69 points to be a friend to another player, or 70-100 points to be a close friend. This has an effect on how much your reputation decreases when you decide to skip or ignore an interaction, meaning that if you happen to be friends with a landowner and you do one of the two aforementioned actions, you won’t lose as many points as you normally would.

In order to personalize your experience and add further depth with friendship mechanics, you will be given the option to “identify your favorite and least favored resources among the 11 base options,” shaping your future landowner work events.

Stardust Pledge

The Stardust Pledge is a unique item that can be crafted using minerals. Not many details on this item are available, with the update post mentioning it has “garnered significant attention from landowners” and that what “makes it so desirable remains shrouded in mystery.”

Broken Robot

Broken Robot represents one of the two types of encounters found in work events. It involves encountering a malfunctioning robot, giving you two choices: repair the robot using the requested minerals, or skip the event by apologizing. A successful repair is awarded with AP coins. If you say sorry, the event will simply be skipped and your reputation won’t be affected – however, if you completely ignore the request by continuing to play the game without making a choice, then your reputation will decrease.

Landowner Encounter

The second type of work event is the Landowner encounter. You may get this NPC-controlled encounter while working on the landowner’s plot, giving you 3 options: Skip, Gift, or Ignore. Skipping will hinder your reputation and friendship levels, while ignoring the NPC completely will severely damage your reputation. Gifting 50 units of one of the resources in your inventory can have 3 outcomes: if you’re gifting the landowner’s favorite resources, you’ll gain a reputational and friendship boost; on the other hand, gifting their least favored resource will lower your friendship level but keep reputation intact. If you end up gifting a Stardust Pledge, you’ll be awarded in an increase in both friendship and reputation.

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