Arc8 announces Partners for Season 3

The Partnership for Season 3 will allow players to be rewarded with SAND, SPORT and MATIC from June 16.

Jun 14, 2022
by Michael
Arc8 announces Partners for Season 3

Arc8 has announced a fresh set of partnerships which will provide more flexibility and improvement in the gaming experience for users. This Token partnership emphasizes the growth of the Arcadeverse and its stake in becoming the ultimate platform that unites players, brands and game creators.

According to the team, Arc8 players can access sponsored game tournaments using GMEE as an access token while equally earning these tokens as rewards. This new functionality is set to commence on June 16.

Regardless of the Arc8 games that users play, ranging from the Mancity Striker, Asteroids or the popular Hoop Shot. The Arcadeverse will be able to pay them using various sets of tokens which will be received straight via their Arc8 Pay wallets.

In this new season, players will get the following in return for their excellent gaming skills:


  • 16–20 June (1pm UTC)
  • $5000 worth of SAND tokens to give away


  • 23–27 June (1pm UTC)
  • $5000 worth of SPORT tokens to give away


  • June 30 — July 4 (1pm UTC)
  • $5000 worth of MATIC tokens to give away

This fresh partnership in this season follows some outstanding collaboration that the brand has already established in previous seasons, which includes:  Manchester City, Atari, QuickSwap, REVV Motorsport, and Crazy Kings. For example, in the Season 2 Token announcement, players were able to earn TOWER, QUICK and REVV tokens.

These new updates will undoubtedly generate more interest from users in the project's ecosystem, thereby supporting its expansion.

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