Arc8 Gears Up For Season 6 Featuring Big Events With Bored Apes & Cool Cats

Arc8, with the wrap of Season 5, is all set to launch Season 6. Arc8 Pre-Season is scheduled between December 1st to December 8th. Further, the main Arc8 Season 6 will run from December 8th through January 31st.

Nov 28, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Arc8 Gears Up For Season 6 Featuring Big Events With Bored Apes & Cool Cats

What to expect from Arc8 Season 6? 

1. Massive Prize Pools

 The GMEE prize pool for Arc8 Season 6 is a whopping 4,500,000 GMEE.

 Here's how it's broken down:

  •  375,000 GMEE in the Season Leaderboard
  • Up to 1,000,000 GMEE in dynamic prize pool tournaments
  • 2,000,000 GMEE in G-Bot tournaments (+ 230,000 OMP)
  • 220,000 GMEE over 9 Weekly Draws
  • 55,000 in GMEE vouchers
  • Up to 850,000 GMEE in activity rewards (qualification, Daily Streak, Daily Tasks)

2. Karate Kido, a New Game

A new game, Karate Kido, is chosen by the Discord community of Arc8. It will replace Asteroids and join the ranks of fan favorites such as Qube 204, Man City Striker, 8, and Pirate Solitaire. In addition, the Arc8 team will give away limited edition Karate Kido G-Bot Starters to celebrate the debut. 

3. Additional G-Bot Master Tournaments

Moving along, players can bring their regular G-Bot or new G-Bot Starter (both available on OpenSea) and join one of the 24-hour Master Tournaments. Hefty prizes are up for grabs, including a massive 250K GMEE season finale.

4. Bored Ape G-Bot Starters

With the infamous Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection, Arc8 has an intriguing competition planned for Arc8 Season 6. Further, it is revealed that the reward will be a limited edition set of Ape-themed G-Bot Starters. Moreover, winners will be able to combat them and gain points in Arc8 G-Bot games or sell them to other participants on OpenSea.

5. Christmas Extravaganza

There may be a crypto winter, but Arc8 HQ is not feeling the chill! Moreover, a secret tournament with a huge prize pool will be held daily from December 25th through December 31st. It's up to you to 

  • locate it, 
  • play it, and 
  • collect your prize

6. Great Functionality

G-Bots are more functional than ever before. You can not only play more exclusive Arc8 games and earn more tokens with your G-Bot, but you can also upgrade their stats and breed them to create even more. The decision is then yours: lead your new G-Bot into battle against other players, keep it safe in your wallet, or sell it for ETH or MATIC.

7. Staking

Earn more money by staking in Arc8 Season 6. The first-ever liquidity pool with the native G-Bot token, OMP, was launched in October. Now, you can exchange your OMP and GMEE for LP tokens. Put them in the pool and you'll get GMEE in return. It's open until January 15th; click here to participate.

That is not all. This winter, Cool Cats are returning to Arc8 Season 6 with a super special event, as well as new partnerships and in-app features and updates.
Can't wait for Arc8 Season 6 any longer? In the meantime, have fun in Arc8. You can get it for Android and iOS here.

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