Arc8 Introduces Record-High GMEE Prize Pool for G-Bot Season 6 Tournaments

Holders will get to share a 2 million GMEE prize pool by taking part in different G-Bot tournaments.

Dec 3, 2022
by Akira Ming
Arc8 Introduces Record-High GMEE Prize Pool for G-Bot Season 6 Tournaments

G-Bots holders are in for a treat in Arc8 Season 6

Arc8 Season 6 is already up and running with massive prize pools. But better still, the season also offers a record-high GMEE prize pool for all G-Bot tournaments!

This time, there are 2 million GMEE up for grabs, of which half of them comes from tokens spent by users to breed and upgrade their G-Bots. The entire prize pool is worth over $16,000, and it will be split according to the following allocations: 

  • 7 Days of Christmas Tournaments: 7 x 30k GMEE
  • 3 Master Tournaments: 3 x 50k GMEE
  • Season Finale: 250k GMEE
  • Tournaments: 1.4 million GMEE

G-Bot is essentially a playable NFT gaming character in Arc8, which can be bred and upgraded to participate in exclusive competitions. Players can get one from OpenSea or win a G-Bot Starter from special events. As long as you have one of them, you can access all G-Bot tournaments in Arc8. 

Tweaks in Season 6

The team has also introduced several changes to Arc8. To begin, you can now engage in Group Matches, which are smaller tournaments for a limited number of players. Through these matches, you can earn prizes, even with a moderate score. 

Moving forward, qualification rounds will be matched against bots instead of real players. Upon completing a qualification, players will receive 1 GMEE as a reward for checking out other Arc8 games. 

On top of that, battle tiers have been updated as well: 

  • Tier 1
    Entry fee: 1 GMEE
    Win reward: 1.6 GMEE
    Rank needed: Bronze
  • Tier 2:
    Entry fee: 5 GMEE
    Win reward: 9 GMEE
    Rank needed: Silver
  • Tier 3
    Entry fee: 100 GMEE
    Win reward: 180 GMEE
    Rank needed: Gold

The team has also updated the ranking system, allowing players to rank up faster. Each day, there will be a big tournament in 4 different games, which will be rotated daily for players to participate. For more information, check out the official post here

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