Arc8 Launches a One-Week Trial Run of the Dynamic Prize Pools Feature

This new, exciting feature will allow players to earn more $GMEE when there are more participants in a tournament.

Aug 9, 2022
by Akira Ming
Arc8 Launches a One-Week Trial Run of the Dynamic Prize Pools Feature

Dynamic prize pools are now live in Arc8 for a week

Starting from August 8th, Arc8 kicked off a one-week trial for its new, exciting feature dubbed dynamic prize pools for all tournaments on its P2E app. How it works is that the more players enter a tourney, the more $GMEE they can win. 

The announcement came at a time when Arc8 launched Season 4 on the very same day. Players can expect new games, new features, weekly airdrops, G-Bot competitions, token takeovers, and of course, more $GMEE tokens to be won throughout the season. 

Coming back to the dynamic prize pools, the number of rewards will increase every time a new tier is reached. The more players there are, the more likely the tournament will unlock bigger prize pools. 

On that matter, Arc8 gave an example of how a tournament with four tiers might work: 

Tournament with 1–20 players

  • Prize Pool = 25 $GMEE
  • Top 10 users rewarded
  • 1st place gets 6.25 $GMEE
  • 10th place gets 0.5 $GMEE

Tournament with 21–45 players

  • Prize Pool = 60 $GMEE
  • Top 25 users rewarded
  • 1st place gets 12 $GMEE
  • 10th place gets 1.2 $GMEE

Tournament with 46–120 players

  • Prize Pool = 140 $GMEE
  • Top 50 users rewarded
  • 1st place gets 25.2 $GMEE
  • 10th place gets 2.1 $GMEE

Tournament with more than 120 players

  • Prize Pool = 300 $GMEE
  • Top 100 users rewarded
  • 1st place gets 42 $GMEE
  • 10th place gets 3.6 $GMEE

As you can see, the prize pool will grow as more players join the competition. If you manage to stay at the same spot on the leaderboard, you will receive more $GMEE in return. 

However, the number of tiers may not be limited to just four. According to Arc8, the team may test out a various number of tiers this week. Those who want to experience the new feature can download the Arc8 app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

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