Arc8 Season 7 Goes Live in Partnership with Benji Bananas, Karmaverse, and More

Arc8 Season 7 is now live, featuring a host of exciting tournaments and NFT whitelist opportunities.

Feb 4, 2023
by Akira Ming
Arc8 Season 7 Goes Live in Partnership with Benji Bananas, Karmaverse, and More

What to expect from Arc8 Season 7

Arc8 has launched Season 7, with the pre-season running from February 1st to February 8th. This time, players can expect a host of exciting tournaments and NFT whitelist opportunities while playing in the new season. 

The main season begins on February 8th and will last until March 31st. According to Arc8, this season's GMEE prize pool is once again a massive 4,500,000 GMEE, split among these few tournaments: 

  • 375,000 GMEE in the Seasonal Leaderboard;
  • Up to 1,000,000 GMEE for dynamic prize pool tournaments;
  • 2,000,000 GMEE for G-Bot tournaments, which comes with an additional 230,000 OMP prize pool;
  • 220,000 GMEE over 9 Weekly Airdrops;
  • 55,000 tokens in GMEE vouchers; and 
  • Up to 850,000 GMEE in activity rewards (Qualification, Daily Streaks, and Daily Tasks). 

There are way more partnership events to look forward to in Arc8 Season 7. One of them is the Karmaverse Competition, a secret event that runs from February 9th to 17th. Players will get a chance to win Karmaverse NFTs, $KNOT tokens, and GMEE vouchers during the event. 

Benji Bananas - Animoca Brands' flagship mobile NFT game - will launch a token takeover in Arc8. This is expected to run between February 23rd and 27th, where players compete for one of twenty season passes along with 1,000 PRIMATE tokens. Additionally, 100 Benji Bananas G-Bot Starters will be given away by Arc8. 

Later on, Planet IX, a thrilling NFT strategy game, will launch two separate token takeovers - one for Arc8 players and one for Planet IX NFT holders. These are set to run from March 16th to 23rd, featuring prizes worth $10,000 in Planet IX's native tokens and in-game NFTs.  

Next is Azarus, a digital gaming platform that recently partnered with Arc8. This will allow G-Bot NFT holders to grab an exclusive whitelist spot for the Azarus Black Card mint. 

Speaking of which, G-Bot Master Tournaments are now back in Season 7. There will be four Master Tournaments, with three offering 50,000 GMEE prize pools and one season finale that offers epic prizes. For more details, check out the official post here

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