Arc8 Unveils GameFest 2023 with $34,000 Prize Pool

The GameFest is shaping up to be an exciting and rewarding event for gamers seeking a competitive edge in the digital gaming landscape.

Nov 15, 2023
by Michael
Arc8 Unveils GameFest 2023 with $34,000 Prize Pool

Arc8 has recently disclosed the details of its highly anticipated GameFest 2023. This unique gaming event stands out due to its dedicated leaderboards, daily tournaments, and an impressive $34,000 prize pool.

Prizes and Rewards

Each tier in the Elite Arcade offers different prizes. 

Elite Arcade 2+ Passes Tier comes with a Prize Pool of more than $3,000 USD. Prizes include 1x Unstoppable Domains NFT ($500), 10x Crypto Unicorns Mythic Lands. There are also 5x Shadowcorn, 5x Rare Land, and 6x Benji Pass. 

Elite Arcade 5+ Passes Tier has a total of $10,700 USD. Prizes include 1x Moca NFT, 2x Unstoppable Domains NFTs (1x $1,000 + 1x $500), and 4x Highstreet NFTs. There are also 7x KDArena NFTs, 10x Wanderers NFTs, 100x Crypto Unicorns, and Common Lands. 

Elite Arcade 10+ Passes Tier has a total Prize Pool of $16,685 USD. Prizes are 1x Moca NFT, 2x Unstoppable Domains NFTs (1x $2,500 + 1x $500), and 1x KDArena NFT. There are 19x Shadowcorns, 40x Wanderers Planet Passes, and 100x Common Lands. 

Elite Arcade 25+ Passes Tie has a Prize Pool: $34,000 USD. Players can win everything, plus a chance to win a Moca NFT reserved for this elite tier only.

How to Participate in the Event

Participation in GameFest 2023 requires players to possess Multiple GameFest Passes. These passes not only grant access to the competition but also unlock new levels of challenges and rewards. Whether players own two, five, ten, or more than twenty-five passes, exclusive prizes, including three unique Moca NFTs, await them.

To ensure eligibility for the desired competition tier, a snapshot of the player's wallet will be taken 24 hours before each Elite Arcade event. It is crucial for participants to confirm they hold enough GameFest Passes during this snapshot period to avoid missing out on the thrilling action. GameFest Passes are available for purchase until the minting period concludes on November 15 at 13:00 UTC.

The GameFest 2023 event is set to run from November 16th to November 30th. It will feature the Elite Arcade where players can showcase their skills and compete for enticing NFT rewards. This event promises an immersive experience, bringing together the community for intense competitions.

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