Arsenal FPS To Introduce Fighting Pass, Others In Upcoming Season Competition

Fabwelt-owned 3D FPS game, Arsenal plans to introduce Fighting Passes, third-person view and vehicles in first-ever season competition.

Mar 2, 2023
by Michael
Arsenal FPS To Introduce Fighting Pass, Others In Upcoming  Season Competition

Immersive 3D first person shooter game, Arsenal is currently preparing to launch its first ever competitive season featuring a limited collection of passes. In the battle-themed and complex world of Arsenal, players with a pass will be eligible to earn extra WELT and access other bonuses. 

Among several games, Arsenal is reputedly known for its periodic social bonuses and rewards. As an integral part of the Fabwelt game ecosystem, the game aims to expand its adoption among traditional and Web3 gamers. Arsenal is a multi-platform game, available for PC, Mac and mobile devices. Interestingly, Arsenal is built on two top rated P2E blockchains namely: BSC and Polygon. 

Despite these reputable features, Arsenal currently has a limited number of downloads with about 1K new players through Android. To invite more players to the game, Arsenal has enabled a free-to-play option where players can earn the usual in-game points. In the ecosystem, 150 points equals one WELT token. Players can earn points by playing PvP matches and showing off their skillset. They can optionally stake WELT tokens to gain points multipliers. 

Additional Upgrades In Upcoming Arsenal Maiden Competition

Arsenal plans to introduce other exciting features including third-person view and bring in-game vehicles. The team hopes to make the game more complex with the release of Version 2.5 which will be launched in 2023. At the time of writing, the exact launch date is yet to be announced. 

Arsenal’s P2E is a dynamic sphere where players can form clans and bring special gameplay and build up a prize pool with an entry fee. Organizers can also offer a customized map, control the game mode and regulate the maximum number of players participating. They can also select players with specially crafted NFT playable characters and avatar pics. Arsenal can be played without any NFT game but some weapons and gives strategic advantages. 

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