Atari Teams Up With Co:Create Platform to Build Web3 Gaming Tokens

Atari announces that it will utilize Co: Create's technology to create Web3 gaming tokens. The Co:Create’s platform will be used to develop the foundation for tokens based on the Atari X project

Dec 2, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Atari Teams Up With Co:Create Platform to Build Web3 Gaming Tokens

Role of Co:Create’s Platform for Developing Tokens

Co:Create's platform offers the foundation for token incentives, utility, and support to assist projects in developing token programs that meet community expectations. Further, Co:Create’s platform has highly adjustable smart contracts and an easy-to-use interface that can be used to develop, launch, manage, and monitor a brand's native token.

The platform allows for customizable token configurations depending on corporate objectives and community requirements. Given that, with Co:Create, anybody can use a web browser and a linked wallet to build EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine)-compatible smart contracts and launch a token on test net. Further, contracts are completely owned by the project, and the platform is free to use.

Co:Create’s platform will offer more features to its platform in the upcoming months. Also, the update will include token reward and utility contract growth, role-based contract permissions, and expanded developer tools. 

Also, with the Co:Create platform's debut, businesses like Atari will leverage Web3 to grow their ecosystems and develop stronger community connections. Co:Create is one of the initial ventures of Gesso Labs, which is supported by  

  • VaynerFund, 
  • A16z cryptocurrency, 
  • Packy McCormick's Not Boring Capital, 
  • Amy Wu, and 
  • the people of RTFKT and Tessera.

About Atari

Atari has been one of the most passionate early users of blockchain technology among gaming businesses. Further, it employs Web3 to establish new methods of connecting and cooperating with its partners, fans, and players.

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