Axie Infinity is Set to Give Out 10,000 AXS as Halloween Bonus Rewards

To get the bonus payout, players must make sure they're in the top 20,000 spots on the leaderboard before Halloween begins.

Oct 18, 2022
by Akira Ming
Axie Infinity is Set to Give Out 10,000 AXS as Halloween Bonus Rewards

Be ready to grab some Halloween treats from Axie Infinity

Halloween is just around the corner, and Axie Infinity is already planning to celebrate the spooky season by rewarding all hardworking grinders. This time, the team will drop an extra 10,000 AXS to the top 20,000 players on the Season 1 Origins Leaderboard. 

To reap those rewards, players must ensure they make it to the first 20,000 spots on the leaderboard before Halloween begins. By October 30th, 11:30 pm (EST), Axie Origins will go into maintenance mode to take a snapshot of players' rankings. 

According to Axie developer Sky Mavis, these 10,000 AXS will be split among the top 20,000 players per the breakdown below: 

  • 1st spot: 120 AXS
  • 2nd spot: 100 AXS
  • 3rd spot: 80 AXS
  • 4th spot: 50 AXS
  • 5th spot: 30 AXS
  • 6th - 10th: 18 AXS per player
  • 11th - 20th: 8 AXS per player
  • 21st - 50th: 5 AXS per player
  • 51st - 100th: 3.60 AXS per player
  • 101st - 200th: 2 AXS per player
  • 201st - 500th: 2 AXS per player
  • 501st - 1,000th: 0.80 AXS per player
  • 1,001st - 5,000th: 0.50 AXS per player
  • 5,001st - 10,000th: 0.44 AXS per player
  • 10,001st - 20,000th: 0.37 AXS per player

The team also clarified that the bonus AXS rewards would not conflict with other Season 1 Leaderboard prizes. All AXS tokens, special Avatars, and Borders allocated to the prize pool will be given out as usual by the end of Season 1. 

Origins Season 1 marks the first official launch of Axie Infinity: Origins, a new play-to-earn version of Axie Infinity. The exciting season began in mid-September and will last for 60 days long. Apart from sharing a 112,000 AXS prize pool, the top 20,000 players will get a plant-Axie avatar, while the top 1,000 will get a Pomodoro avatar each.

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