Axie Infinity Kicks Off New Origin Contests Feature "The Premiere"

Axie Infinity introduces a new way to compete and win with the first-ever live-ops event. They recently launched a new Origin Contests feature with "The Premiere," which players can use to win battles with their favourite Axies for rewards!

Oct 23, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Axie Infinity Kicks Off New Origin Contests Feature "The Premiere"

Recently, the Axie team announced a new element called Origin Contests at AxieCon: in-game events in which players perform Missions, win Milestone Rewards, and ascend the Contest Leaderboard. Origin Contests enabled Axie to conduct more immersive and enjoyable events for everybody.

Now with the announcement of Contests: "The Premiere." things are looking bright. Players will battle in 10 Ranked Arena Battles utilising each of the 9 Axie classes, earning various gifts along the way, such as Moon Dusts, Moon Shards, Choice Boxes and Ancient Moonstones!

The first contest is easy and straightforward. Everyone who is currently playing Origins will receive prizes just by playing normally! Future Contests will have a more difficult combination of goals, such as breeding, releasing, and employing some body parts or special axes. Furthermore, they will include both on-chain and in-game tasks. You can unlock rewards as you gain Contest Points from missions.

Origin Contests

Axie Origins features Contests, recurring events that reward trainers who complete specific goals and gain positions on the contest scoreboard.

You can see all current, planned and completed competitions on Axie Infinity App or website by clicking the Events menu:

Elements of Origin Contests

  • Contest Points (CP) :To participate in Origin Contests, you must first accumulate Contest Points by finishing Missions. The more points you have, the better you will rank on the Leaderboard!
  • Missions : Missions are the objectives you must perform to earn CP and attain particular Milestones. Each task has a time restriction and a point system for accomplishment.

  • Leaderboard: Aside from the incentives for hitting particular milestones, players will also be awarded if they achieve a certain rank on the Leaderboard after the tournament is over.

After the contest, leaderboard awards will be immediately provided in-game. Once the prizes have been properly transferred to your account, you should get a pop-up message in the gaming lobby.

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