Axie Infinity Origin Steps Up Game Difficulty In the Latest Updates

With the latest updates, players are going to have a hard time scoring a win in Axie Infinity Origin. What are the changes then? Let's take a look!

Jun 18, 2022
by Akira Ming
Axie Infinity Origin Steps Up Game Difficulty In the Latest Updates

What are the changes made to the gameplay of Axie Infinity Origin? 

Two days ago, Axie Infinity released several updates to its Origin gameplay. These changes had stepped up the game's difficulty, making it challenging for players to anticipate their opponents' moves. That sounds savage, don't you think? Without further ado, let's review these changes one at a time. 

First off, the opponent's info is no longer available in the Axie Infinity Origin. In the past, players were used to checking their opponent's available energy and the number of cards with this feature. But that doesn't sound so bad since you can always count your opponent's cards and energy, right? 

Well, it looks like Axie Infinity is not going to make that easy. Instead of following the simpler energy system in V2, Origin had implemented a rather complex scaling system for Energy and Card Draws. See how it works below: 

  • The player who goes first gains 1 Energy and draws 3 cards on 1st turn.
  • The player who goes second gains 2 Energy and draws 4 cards on 1st turn.
  • The player who went first gains 2 Energy and draws 5 cards on the 2nd turn.
  • The player who went second gains 3 Energy and draws 5 cards on the 2nd turn.
  • In subsequent turns, both players gain 3 Energy and draw 5 Cards for the rest of the battle.

All I can say is… good luck with the math! What's more, when playing a secret in Axie Infinity Origin, your opponent would not know whether you have played a card. The best part is that all cards with a shield will now be treated as a secret. 

As with all Axie Infinity updates in the past, players will only have one question in mind: “When fix SLP?” Given that, Axie Infinity recently stated that the SLP burn through the crafting of NFT Runes/Charms will start in Phase 3 of Origin. And now, we're still in Phase 1. So patience, my friend, patience! 

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