Axie Infinity: Origin Unveils Phase 2 Updates

Axie Infinity: Origin receives a transitional patch as it progresses to the next phase featuring the launch of an Alpha season.

Jul 2, 2022
by Michael
Axie Infinity: Origin Unveils Phase 2 Updates

Axie developers have recently released a large patch for their game, Origin. The patch symbolizes the transition of the game to the next phase — Phase 2. The new update comes with the launch of an alpha season deploying a flurry of balancing updates and a new mechanic named Return. The leaderboard, runes and charms have also been reset.

The Alpha leaderboard has a prize pool of 49,157 AXS. The Top 10,000 players who gain access to the alpha leaderboard will receive awards according to this breakdownThe top player will earn 500 AXS (approximately $8,000).

The Alpha season will come to an end by July 28, 2022. According to the game plan, SLP earnings will commence in Phase 3, and the game is meant to experience four phases. The fourth phase will be the Global Launch of the game, i.e. the commencement of Season 1. More AXS rewards will be awarded in Season 1 when the game becomes more balanced and polished. 

New Updates for Season Alpha

This Season Alpha has received a handful of new updates, improvements and bug fixes. Below are the latest updates:-

  • All game progress, ranking, runes, charms, and resources have been reset. 
  • Balancing updates have been implemented for Cards, Runes, Charms, Effects, Revenge cards and the newly added mechanic, Return. Click here for more details
  • Displaying of opponent’s info on the game screen has returned 
  • Desktop users can now log in automatically from their Mavis Hub account, among many other minor UI updates.

Finally, some bug issues were fixed in the following areas: dual playing of cards when internet connection is interrupted, crafting activities with Moondust, reduction of card cost or card energy by Mavis, crashing of game by Bloodmoon, absence of Fury and Stealth animation among others. 

The game now has remarkable improvements, such as proper display of opponent's Shield cards as Secret in Match history, and the “Update Now” button now correctly downloads the newest version of the game. 

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