Axie Infinity Set to Launch the Axie Creator Program to Support Its Community of Contributors

The Axie creator program is set to be launched by Axie Infinity to support contributors/content creators who have added value to the Axie ecosystem.

Jun 17, 2022
by Michael
Axie Infinity Set to Launch the Axie Creator Program to Support Its Community of Contributors

Like many Axie initiatives that include AXS leaderboard rewards, Lunacian Codes, IRL meetup grants, and the rest,  Axie Infinity is set to launch the Axie Creator Program. This program aims to offer valuable support to the Axie community of contributors and content creators.

Building the Axie creator program in web3 poses many new challenges that have never been tackled before, but the company remains confident of executing a spectacular project. In light of this, the expertise of QU3ST has been enlisted to assist in ensuring the successful execution of the program over the next six months.

Who are those eligible for the Axie creator program? 

The program is very much open to all Lunacian, and at the same time, it is designed to identify and support content creators, creative writers, developers, etc. 

Structure of the Axie creator program

The structure is divided into two categories (Phase 1 and Phase 2). In phase 1, the developers will listen and get feedback from the program participants. Phase 2  of the program will come at the end of phase 1, and it will provide more meaningful support based on the information obtained from phase 1.  

Participants will make progress when they Join the Axie Infinity Discord, introduce themselves in the creators' program chat, and then finally engage with Axie creator program staff. 

The Axie creator program offers various rewards, and these rewards will be launched in two forms, which are:

  • Access to news, events, key moments, initiatives, and patches.
  • Support via dedicated contact points, social media engagement, and monetary grants.

To perfect this project, the Axie team will be hosting a series of discussions over the next couple of weeks on some online spaces like Twitter and Discoid to get more ideas and contributions from its community.

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