Axie Infinity's AxieCon Tickets are Now On Sale: Trio of $1M Esports Awaits

Good news! AxieCon tickets are up for sale. In conjunction with the event, Axie Infinity will launch a trio of $1M esports tournaments as well. Let's check them out!

Jul 2, 2022
by Akira Ming
Axie Infinity's AxieCon Tickets are Now On Sale: Trio of $1M Esports Awaits

What is AxieCon? 

To put it simply, AxieCon is Axie Infinity's upcoming 4-day conference event set to take place from September 7th - 10th in Barcelona, Spain. Those who wish to attend the event can purchase a ticket now for $150 (pre-tax). What's more, if you happen to own a Mystic Axie, you can upgrade your tickets to VIP status for extra perks in the event. 

According to Sky Mavis, the team behind Axie Infinity, the inaugural event will gather the greatest thinkers, builders, and battlers in the Axie ecosystem. During AxieCon, there will be tons of discussions on the project's mission, vision, priorities, and product roadmap. But that's not all. The team will also launch 3 exciting esports tournaments with a total prize worth $1M in $AXS as shown below. 

Axie: Classic World Championship

To begin with, this championship is to celebrate the conclusion of 21 great seasons in Axie: Classic. How it works is that 64,000 participants will go through a qualifying round before ending with 16 players to battle it out in AxieCon. 

For this tourney, the total prize pool is $500k in $AXS. However, 50% of the prize money will go to all players who compete in the qualifiers. So it's not necessary to qualify for the AxieCon in order to win some $AXS. To those who are interested, the qualifying round will start from July 28th to 31st. 

Axie: Origin BYOD Series

Next, AxieCon attendees will be able to join this competition while attending the event on-site in Barcelona. The term BYOD - short for “bring-your-own-device”, simply means that participants can bring any devices to join the tournament. It can be a phone, tablet, or laptop as long as it can run the latest version of Axie: Origin. Nonetheless, for the BYOD Series, there will be no qualifying rounds and the total prize pool is $400k in $AXS. 

Axie: Origin Stadium Series

Lastly, attendees can choose to take part in the more casual Stadium Series, which offers a total prize pool of $100k in $AXS. How it works is that the series will run several Swiss-style mini-tournaments throughout the event. By the end of each day, players that go undefeated will be invited to compete against the Axie Final Four.

Who are the Axie Final Four then? According to the team, the squad will consist of senior employees in Sky Mavis such as Jiho, Psycheout, Trung, and Zyori. Isn't that cool? Besides earning more $AXS tokens for reaching the Final Four, players will get to meet and greet with these legends in Sky Mavis. 

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