Axie Infinity’s land mini-game ‘RayLights’ is now Available

Axie Infinity has recently confirmed on its social media that their groundbreaking "lightweight" land game, Raylights, is now live on the mainnet.

Oct 13, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Axie Infinity’s land mini-game ‘RayLights’ is now Available


Axie landowners have been waiting for land gaming for a long time. The idea of Raylights is that Axies are freshly formed animals that must learn how to produce and farm plants to create their Axie civilization. In Axie Infinity: Raylights, participants put minerals in the soil up to three layers deep to produce plants. Given that, experimenting with various mineral combinations may result in the development of new plants.

Overall, there are 10 distinct kinds of minerals in Raylights, but participants only have accessibility to the initial three when they begin. Other minerals are unlocked as the player continues and uncovers new discoveries. 

After spreading minerals, players appoint an Axie to start growing the plant. When the growing period expires, the plant will be put into inventory and may be placed on the land plot.

Axie Infinity's Raylights has no actual objective. This game is merely for the players' fun; however, they are planning to come up with some unique garden designs for participants.

Raylights: Gameplay Tips and Details

For the time being, Raylights will only be available to Lunacia landowners. There are three main dimensions to the mini-game. Users are encouraged to plant seeds, cultivate their plots, and grow a variety of plants. The following is a breakdown of all three aspects:

1. Land Cultivation 

To understand why land cultivation is important, we must first return to the creation of the World of Lunacia. The Raylights mini-game begins at the start of Lunacia. This means that the Axies are new to this world and must find ways to survive, which includes learning how to toil and cultivate the land. As a result, the first step in cultivation is to sow minerals.

Indeed, as the land thrives, more users will be able to unlock more minerals and various combinations.

2. The Nursery for Seedlings

Once the minerals have been sown, the plants will require a perfect environment to grow. This is where the concept of constructing seedling nurseries in Raylights comes into play. Each nursery is constructed with a unique mix of minerals. This combination determines what plants can be grown there and how good they will be. Axis will also be responsible for all nurseries.

In that case, after adding minerals, the user will be required to select an Axie from their collection to work there. Sky Mavis has simplified the process tremendously. In fact, it is more of a drag-and-drop operation.

A timer will appear on the screen after the seedlings have been planted. The timer simply indicates how much time remains until the seedlings can be transferred to the plots.

3. Minerals Found in Raylights

Raylights, as previously stated, contain ten different minerals. These minerals are found in nature. They are sown and then used in nurseries to grow plants. Aqua, Beastium, Edentine, Amber, Serpentine, Aerium, Solar, Obsidian, Mechanium, and Citrine are among the ten minerals found here. When you first start the game, you will only have access to three minerals. Aqua, Edentine, and Beastium will be the names.

However, as you progress, more and more minerals from the list above become available for use. Furthermore, the type of plant you grow on land is entirely dependent on the minerals.

Some mineral combinations may produce rare plants, while others will only produce common plants. In any case, it's all part of an experiment to make the World of Lunacia more enjoyable.

Axie Infinity also launched two contests which will be completed on October 14th

  • The 1st contest is to determine who can uncover the most number of plants. When you're ready to submit your submission, snap a screenshot of your plan and tweet it using the hashtag #RaylightsUnlock.
  • The 2nd contest is aesthetic. Decorate your plot with plants and share a photo of it on Twitter using the hashtag #RaylightsAesthetic. The contributions will be assessed for effort, originality, creativity, and balance by the Sky Mavis team and the AxieArtGallery. 

The top 3 participants in each event get land items. The last date for entry submission is 11:30 p.m. EST on October 14th. Furthermore, the team has many upcoming ideas for Raylights, including non-land owner access, the ability to convert various objects into NFTs, and choices for the pace or result of growth.

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