Baidu Unveils Underlying Tech For Its Metaverse Infrastructure Platform

A Chinese company, Baidu has added MetaStack to XiRang, hoping to accommodate massive future adoption of the metaverse.

Jan 6, 2023
by Michael
Baidu Unveils Underlying Tech For Its Metaverse Infrastructure Platform

Chinese Multinational technology company, Baidu Inc. has launched MetaStack, the underlying technology for its metaverse platform XiRang. The famous internet giant is building this metaverse infrastructure that will assist developers in creating independent projects within a space of 40 days against the expected duration of 6-12 months. 

Baidu’s MetaStack: The Undelying Technology of XiRang

In a statement made by the company on its official WeChat account, Baidu is preparing to enlarge its tentacles during the annual developers’ conference on January 10. The company is leveraging the rapid influx of mainstream brands and companies into the metaverse. 

Baidu stated on WeChat:

“The metaverse will not only become a new marketing front but also open up the imagination for new consumption and new production. More and more companies hope to build an independent metaverse with brand characteristics,”

XiRang will mitigate the stress associated with building a metaverse project. Often time, developers need a lot of manpower, complicated technology, and financial resources. XiRang provides developers with tools like Metaverse client kernel, cross-network transmission services, Metaverse world service engine, and Metaverse operation platform. 

Other Traditional Companies In The Metaverse

Other top companies are targeting metaverse infrastructural services in preparation for the future rapid adoption of 3D internet technology. In the United States, Nvidia a leading graphics processor unit producer has launched Omniverse. This service provides developers with the tools required to build the metaverse.

Recently, Meta Platforms noted that its AI supercomputer is in the final phase of development, which would power communications in the metaverse. Baidu also emphasized the importance of computing metaverse, in a press document announcing MetaStack:

“Metaverse has almost infinite demand for computing power. The continuous and effective operation of the Metaverse platform and large-scale simultaneous interaction of users depend on the support of cloud computing technology,”

XiRang was launched on January 5, 2022. A successive suite of Web3 AI infrastructure tools to facilitate metaverse brand marketing was added in June. 

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