beFITTER Launches Exciting New Feature – Pet Race!

Fitness app beFITTER has launched an exciting new feature called Pet Race. This new game offers an engaging and competitive experience that allows users to race their pets, earn rewards, and climb up the leaderboard. The game is designed for both experienced and new users, offering a thrilling and challenging gameplay experience.

Mar 25, 2023
by Anvi Saini
beFITTER Launches Exciting New Feature – Pet Race!

Pet Race is a game mode where Pet NFTs participate in races to earn rewards and determine their ranking. The race comprises four different types of terrain: Ground, Swamp, Ocean, and Mountain. Pet NFTs need to navigate through these terrains using their corresponding attributes efficiently. The total time taken to complete all four race stages determines the ranking of the Pet NFT, with a shorter time resulting in a higher ranking.

How to Play Pet Race:

To play the game, select the "Game mode" on the main screen and choose a Pet NFT from your inventory, then select "RACE." Players can choose from three different game modes: Trial, Classic, and Challenger. The winner of each game mode receives prizes and Elo points, which accumulate over time. The top five players with the highest Elo points at the end of each season will receive a share of the Jackpot.

Game Modes:

The Trial mode allows players to play for free without any Elo point requirements. Classic mode is the paid version of Pet Race, which does not require a minimum Elo point. The prize pool depends on the number of players in the room, with the winner receiving the highest prize and Elo points. Challenger mode has a higher entry fee than Classic mode and requires a minimum of 2000 Elo points to join. The prize money and Elo points are divided based on the number of players in the room.

Jackpot Prizes:

The real excitement of the Pet Race lies in the Jackpot prize. The top five players with the highest Elo points at the end of each season will receive a share of the Jackpot. The prize is unlimited and distributed among the top five players as follows:

Top 1: 50%

Top 2: 20%

Top 3: 15%

Top 4: 10%

Top 5: 5%

In conclusion, Pet Race is an exciting new feature that offers users an engaging and competitive experience. The game is designed to cater to both experienced and new users, making it a fantastic addition to beFITTER's app. If you're up for the challenge, join the race and climb to the top of the leaderboard.

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