Best Blockchain Game 2022 - PlayToEarn Blockchain Game Awards 2022

Our users voted for the Best Blockchain Games of 2022 and here are the final results.

Jan 10, 2023
by playtoearn
Best Blockchain Game 2022 - PlayToEarn Blockchain Game Awards 2022

After a 4 weeks voting period, we finally have the results of which are the Best Blockchain Games of 2022! Here are the top 10 Games:

#1 - Devikins

Devikins is a turn-based RPG mixed with character breeding. Devikins NFTs are the playable characters of the RPG game, Devikins. Players can collect, breed, grow, and battle with their Devikins NFTs. A Devikins NFT is addressed as a Devikin, a cute being originally from the Void, the main world of Devikins game. A Devikin exists inside of Devikins and outside of it. You do not have to be a player to collect these adorable rascals.

#2 - Blockchain Cuties

Blockchain Cuties is a collectible crypto game with adventures where you get to play with puppies, lizards, bear cubs, cats and other real and fantasy creatures alike. Each cutie is unique and 100% belongs to you. You get to collect them, breed them, test their skills in battles, arm them and even level them up! In-game economy lets you trade cuties using smart contracts on Ethereum, EOS, TRON and NEO blockchains. Each cutie, which is a non-fungible, can be transferred or sold to other players just like a regular cryptocurrency.

#3 - Crazy Snake

Crazy Snake is an NFT-focused blockchain game based classic "Snake" from the 1990s. The game is focused on controlling a Snake that grows when eating small dots on its path. When playing the game you can’t touch any obstacles or touch your own body, if you do it then you lose the game. The interesting part is when Snake grows in length, the game difficulty increases. Through the years, many other “Snake” games have come to life, but the original concept has remained unchanged and popular everywhere. Crazy Snake provides players with various interesting sources of income. Every Snake is a unique NFT that can be used to trade, upgrade, battle, play, and earn passive income.

#4 - JobTribes

JobTribes is a blockchain-linked game that is the first platform built by Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. This is an authentic card battle RPG that anyone can enjoy for free with a smartphone browser, and the more you play, the more you can earn DEAPcoin (cryptographic currency). It’s a different approach to e-sports, enabling a world where everyone can make money in games.

#5 - Lucky Farmer

Lucky Farmer is a pusher game where you drop medals and the medals pushed by the push board are dropped to the pocket in front of you. You can earn large amounts of medals through in-game slots and crop harvesting bonuses, and regularly earn DEAPcoin by participating in "rankings". DEAPcoin can be used to purchase game items that will help you advance in the game.

#6 - Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a fast and furious 1v1 trading card game, each game only taking a few minutes. Play, Trade, and Earn. Splinterlands started as Steem Monsters (named for the blockchain where it was first created) in mid 2018, and since has grown steadily in numbers of active players, trade volume on the market, and rewards given back to the players.

#7 - Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a competitive, balanced and strategic 1v1 trading card game. Your cards are your property. Trade them, sell them, hoard them. Stored on the Ethereum blockchain, our immutable smart contracts guarantee the scarcity of every creature, spell and weapon in the Gods Unchained universe.

#8 - Crypto Royale

Crypto Royale is a browser-based Battle Royale, where players compete for fame, glory and a little profit. Players enter a battlefield where they must be ‘the last person standing’. Represented by moons, a player’s ‘character’ can be one of three colours (Yellow, Pink, Blue). Colours are interchangeable by collecting boxes dropped onto the battlefield and must be used to ensure a player’s strength over an opponent in an effort to outsmart, outwit and out maneuver other players to become the victor. Victory is claimed when only one player remains.

#9 - Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a digital pet universe where players battle, raise, and trade fantasy creatures called Axies. Each Axie has different traits which determine their role in battles. Become a land baron and start your own Kingdom! Use land to farm rare resources, tokens, and attack dungeons! 

#10 - Arsenal 3D FPS

Arsenal is a 3D First Person Shooter multi-player game developed by Fabwelt for the Fabwelt Gaming Ecosystem and Metaverse. It has a “Counter-Strike” look and feel and it’s fully integrated with blockchain technology. It utilizes in-game NFTs as assets, collectibles and utilities. Pay to Play and Play to Earn is integrated in such a way that attracts everyday players, as well as professional players around the world to get incentives and fun.

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