Big Time Update Notes v0.28 Brings New Features and Optimizations

Big Time's latest patch v0.28 introduces significant gameplay enhancements, including the player craftable economy, new quest lines, and various performance improvements.

Oct 11, 2023
by Anvi Saini
Big Time Update Notes v0.28 Brings New Features and Optimizations

Community Collaboration and Acknowledgment

The Big Time team emphasizes the pivotal role of the Player Council members in the development and testing of this patch. Their dedication and feedback have been instrumental in refining the game's mechanics and features. Special recognition is given to standout members, including Benhindlegs, Boyhustler, Daaviid, and many others, for their exceptional contributions.

Revolutionizing Gameplay with New Mechanics

  • Craftable Economy: Players can now craft and equip Hour Glasses, unlocking $BIGTIME drops throughout the game world. This system allows players to gather resources and craft their own Cosmetic NFTs in workshops within their Personal Metaverse.
  • Prestige Portals: These special portals come with unique entry requirements but offer enhanced rewards and exclusive drops.
  • Continuation of Quest Lines: The game introduces "Chapter 3: The Young Queen" in Benjamin Franklin’s Quest Line “A Temporal Anomaly.” This chapter sees Cyberpirates creating chaos by employing a young Insectoid Queen.

Visual and Audio Enhancements

  • Animation: Player movement animations have been refined, and new animations have been introduced for various game elements.
  • VFX: Several game elements, including Quest waypoints, Flying drone attacks, and abilities, have received VFX improvements.
  • Art and UI Updates: The main menu visuals and Big Time Logo have been revamped. Additionally, the user interface has been enhanced to provide more relevant information to players.
  • Audio Improvements: New music tracks have been added, and sound effects for various abilities, actions, and game elements have been enhanced for a richer auditory experience.

Balancing, AI Tweaks, and Performance Optimizations

  • Balance Changes: Adjustments have been made to various game elements, including player-summoned turrets, potion costs, and ability prerequisites.
  • AI Enhancements: Enemy AI has been tweaked to prioritize players over fauna, and the Cyber Pirate Brawler's punches now connect more reliably.
  • Performance: Specific game levels have been optimized to reduce lag and provide a smoother gameplay experience.

The Big Time patch addresses a myriad of bugs, ranging from player disconnect issues, and combo timing on weapons, to visual discrepancies in the Personal Metaverse items. These fixes ensure a more stable and enjoyable gaming experience for players.

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