BinaryX Launches CyberChess with $500,000 prize pool for 8 weeks

Recently, BinaryX, a Game-Fi creation platform, announced the release of CyberChess. A pioneer in the GameFi P2E market, it is an auto-chess strategic game. CyberChess provides Web3.0 users with alternative gateways to GameFi.

Oct 1, 2022
by Anvi Saini
BinaryX Launches CyberChess with $500,000 prize pool for 8 weeks

Giveaway of Heroes and BNX tokens worth $500,000

For the first 8 weeks after the game's release, players may compete in Season 1 of ranked mode battles for a chance to win $500,000 in rewards.

Furthermore, the Season 1 Rank Prize Pool includes 3000 BNX. The prize pool is distributed weekly to all players based on their ranks and the number of people in their ranks. (see picture)

In addition, there will be a Lucky Draw for Hero/Skill Purchases. Each week, 50 users will be chosen at random from all users who make Hero/ Skill Purchases. Anyone who purchases Hero/Skill is eligible. Not only that, but each first-place winner will receive 1 BNX.

New Play-and-Earn, and Free-to-Play Model

CyberChess is a P2E game based on Web3, meaning users may get right in without losing any initial investment. Players who are just getting started in the game may get 2 skills and 5 heroes for free when they sign up for the first time.

Furthermore, participants may either recharge their accounts or perform in-game purchases to get additional skills and heroes. This concept makes GameFi more accessible to new players and encourages long-term engagement. 


CyberChess, the 3rd game in this Cyber series, increases the value of BNX tokens by providing a new way for token holders to spend in-game gold. The game's gold consumption is cycled back into the ecosystem to support game development and DAO features like resource and community management. BinaryX offers a clear view of the company's utilization of funds on the website.

Three design concepts went into Cyberchess

  1. Strategic and Competitive: BinaryX built this game based on community input. They needed something tactical and strategic. CyberChess is more advanced than CyberDragon, with more customizable heroes and skills.
  2. Lower entry barrier: Given the present market circumstances, CyberChess was particularly conscious of additional expenses for players to begin the game, like gas fees and initial investment.
  3. Improved Quality: The market is changing quickly, and web3 games are improving. To that goal, BinaryX added additional conventional game developers to its team to provide the best quality experience to players.

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