Blankos Block Party is Now Live on Epic Games Store

To celebrate this occasion, Blankos Block Party is giving away limited edition Blankos to 20 lucky winners. Read on to find out more!

Sep 17, 2022
by Akira Ming
Blankos Block Party is Now Live on Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store is now home to Blankos Block Party

Ladies and gentlemen, it has come to our knowledge that Blankos Block Party is officially live on Epic Games Store! 

With that, Mythical Games' flagship project has become the first NFT title available on the hugely-popular video game store. The announcement came less than a year after Mythical secured $150 million in a Series C funding round. 

To begin with, Blankos Block Party is a free-to-play blockchain MMO featuring collectible digital vinyl toys called Blankos. Players can collect them by earning moola and XP chips through various activities and events in the game. 

With its latest debut, Blankos Block Party is now available to the 194 million users of the Epic Games Store. Although it has a new launcher on Epic, existing players do not need to reinstall the game. 

Along with the launch, the team has also announced a new set of Blankos (Pong, Joystick, Centipede, and Tempest) in partnership with Atari. Starting from now until October 13th, players can purchase Mystery Boxes containing these Blankos at $9.99 or 1,000 Blankos Bucks each. 

Other than that, Blankos is going to launch Season 1 on Epic Games in two weeks. There are not many details for now. But Mythical has already kicked off a community challenge event in the run-up to Season 1. According to the rules, players can unlock various prizes if the community hits certain growth milestones during this period. 

Time to get rewarded for learning more about Blanko

In conjunction with this launch, the team has also come up with a blog post to introduce more about Blanko. According to Mythical, Blanko is a digital collectible that becomes rarer and more prized as you play with them. 

To upgrade your Blanko, you will need gumballs and XP, which can be obtained by taking part in various activities. As they level up, owners can mix, mash-up, or Gem Rush their Blankos to get even rarer toys. 

If you think you've known everything about Blanko, remember to take the quiz at the link below that post. This time, 20 lucky winners will walk away with a unique Zeta Blanko each. 

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