Blankos Block Party Season 1 is Coming This Week: Here's the Scoop

The long-awaited Season 1 will feature new Blankos, new party passes, starter bundles, and more.

Sep 25, 2022
by Akira Ming
Blankos Block Party Season 1 is Coming This Week: Here's the Scoop

What's new in Blankos Block Party S1?

With its flagship project now on Epic, Mythical Games is more than ready to kick off Blankos Block Party Season 1 on September 28th. This time, there will be new Blankos, new party passes, hidden perks, and starter bundles up for grabs. Let's take a look!

Season 1 Starter Bundle

What better way to celebrate Blankos S1 than getting a new bundle to join the party? According to Mythical, the starter bundle will be available from September 28th, 8:00 AM (PDT), for $11.99 or 1200 Blanko Bucks each. 

Each box contains 70,000 XP Chips, 20,000 Moola, 12 Random Gumballs, and 1 NFT Blanko Kandie (mashup compatible) as below. 

Exclusive Kaiju Blankos Drop

From September 28th until October 12th, there will be three exclusive Toho Kaiju Blanko drops. Godzilla will arrive on September 28th, followed by Mothra and Mechagodzilla in the following weeks.

You can get a Godzilla for $14.99 or 1500 Blanko Bucks. However, these Kaijus are not mashup compatible, and owners won't be able to take them off the Mythical Blockchain. 

New Party Pass to unlock in-game rewards

Best part is, you can also get yourself a new Party Pass in the new season. A Halloween-themed Party Pass Plus version will be selling at $14.99 each, allowing players to unlock new Blankos, accessories, emotes, and other goodies. 

Even so, free party passes will be available as well. Interested players will have to stay tuned for more details. 

Other than that, there will be three new character classes in Season 1: Bruiser, Trickster, and Tracer. Each of them has its own Power Moves, Power Perks, and Foundation Perks. 

Speaking of perks, each Season 1 Blanko will also contain two of the following Hidden Perks: 

  • Attachment Ace – Jetpacks use 10% less energy. 
  • Plummet – Increases terminal velocity. 
  • Holiday Shopper – Shoving an enemy provides a 5-second speed boost.
  • Life of the Party – Emoting near your allies gives them 5 health per second.
  • Bopper – You can jump off of other Blanko's heads.
  • Big Pockets – Increases max and starting ammo by 50%.

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