Blast Royale Creates Ambassadorship Opportunities For Its Community Members

Blast Royale recently announced the establishment of the “Blast Ambassador Program” to its Community.

Jun 18, 2022
by Michael
Blast Royale Creates Ambassadorship Opportunities For Its Community Members

Blast Royale revealed the creation of a new community for their game called “The Blast Ambassador Program”. The program would give users the platform to discuss extensively with the staff and provide them with access to rewards. This extension would be an essential constituent of the Blast community. 

Interested players will have to apply to the creator of Blast Royale. Suitable candidates will be selected and contacted. Blast Ambassadors will be placed in a certain tier according to their performance. They will play pivotal roles in interacting with the Discord community members. The developers will reward the Ambassador monthly. Ambassadors will get promotions and better rewards as they progress on the tier ladder.

Functions and Benefits of being an Ambassador

The Ambassadors would be saddled with a few responsibilities as follows:

  • Collection of feedback and ideas to improve the community. 
  • Must actively engage and contribute within all channels of the community. 
  • Participation in monthly meetings with the Blast Royale team. 
  • Must support community management by completing weekly objectives.
  • Must aid new Discord members and moderate dedicated channels.
  • Should create written and visual content to support the global launch and the company’s growth.
  • Support the community activities and events on Discord, Twitch and YouTube.
  • Must identify and suggest partnerships and other kinds of opportunities to the Blast Royale Community Management team.

The benefits of being an Ambassador include:

  • Monthly game-related rewards.
  • Support for giveaways.
  • Have access to a private ambassador channel.
  • Enjoys the prestige of an ambassador.
  • Feedback calls with our team. 
  • Exclusive invitations and access.
  • Intel and creative resources.
  • Submit your top contributions to the team.
  • Free Blast Swag!

Interested players can submit their applications via this Google form. 

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