Block Ape Scissors Teases Early Access of Web3 Shooter 'Project Ape'

This year, the early version of Project Ape will be released on Epic Games, featuring competitive gameplay and P2E mechanics that allow players to earn on-chain tokens and NFTs.

Jun 14, 2023
by Akira Ming
Block Ape Scissors Teases Early Access of Web3 Shooter 'Project Ape'

What's in store for Project Ape Shooter, a Web3 title by Block Ape

Project Ape Shooter, a Web3 shooter developed by Block Ape Scissors, is set to launch in Early Access by the end of 2023. 

The game will be released on Epic Games Store, with multiplayer functionality as the foundation of Block Ape's Web3 ecosystem. Once players link their wallets to an Epic Games Account ID, their NFTs will appear in the game. Three game modes, P2E features, a Champion System, four game maps, and different weapons, abilities, and weapon perks will be included in the early version. The game will be accessible to everyone. However, free players won't be able to play and earn. 

There are two casual modes (Tribe Wars and Tribe Supremacy) and one competitive mode (Brawl, with a point system tied to the P2E mechanics) in Project Ape. All casual plays will take place on the huge map below, with Brawl taking place on three smaller maps. Gamers can use their Champion Card NFTs, customized with NFT skins, to win Victory Points (VP) through a Premium Battle Pass. Those who do not own a Champion NFT will not receive any Victory Points and will have random stats, abilities, and weapon perks. Gamers who do not have NFT skins can equip their avatars with basic skins. 

About the Premium Battle Pass

The Early Access will include a Premium Battle Pass system, which will support both the BAS token and Gamester NFTs. According to Block Ape, Premium Battle Pass is the minimum requirement to access its Web3 universe and for players to take part in P2E. 

There will be three tiers of battle passes, which will allow players to unlock rewards such as NFT Champion Cards, NFT Seasonal Skins, and on-chain tokens (COCONUTS, JUNGLE ESSENCE, and BASTONIUM), which can be used to upgrade stat points as well as select weapon perks and abilities. Each tier can be acquired based on the number of BAS or Gamester NFTs staked by the player: 

  • Tier 1 – 250 BAS (lowest tier). 
  • Tier 2 – 1000 BAS or 1 Gamester NFT. 
  • Tier 3 – 5000 BAS and 1 Gamester NFT (highest tier). 

How P2E works in Project Ape

Those who own a Premium Battle Pass will receive Victory Points (VP) whenever they win ranked matches. The player's NFT Champion Cards will be allocated with VPs. If a player uses more than one Champion in the game and has different NFT Champions equipped, the total points will be shared among them.

When an NFT Champion Card hits a specific threshold, the player can continue to play with the NFT and raise its Victory Points or retire the NFT into a P2E rewards pool. BAS and BANANA tokens will be awarded to the player in proportion to their number of points in the pool. Gamers must continue to earn VPs in order to keep their share of the pool. To learn more, check out the official post: 

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