Blockchain Brawlers Set to Launch BRWL Mall

The Mall will allow BRWL tokens to purchase in-game assets, while the vIRL Market will use multiple currencies.

Aug 1, 2022
by Michael
Blockchain Brawlers Set to Launch BRWL Mall


Blockchain Brawlers will soon introduce BRWL Mall as part of its 'foundational technologies.' In a blog post, the team said the Mall is the new feature it would release as part of the strategy to resolve users' challenges.

For months, the team has been communicating the issues it faced in launching the Mining and PvP phases with users.

 In the post, the team said, 

"We've spoken about the need to build tech and product features that are equal parts flexible (in their ever-growing utility) and scalable (enough to serve the large audiences we'll need to accommodate). Often referred to as foundational technologies, our Leaderboards are the most recent example of this."

Features Of BRWL Mall

The BRWL mall is a marketplace for players to purchase in-game items from the Brawlers community using the BRWL tokens. The Mall is accessible by selecting the bottom left-hand tab beside the Inventory.

This additional feature shows that the team is ready to expand the token's utility. The Mall will start by selling Custom Frames and new Avatars. Afterward, the place would host future Swag kits for Brawlers. These items will not be NFTs at the start. Once group crafting is possible, the game will sell custom skins for packs to allow customization. In the future, players will be able to mint them as NFTs.

vIRL Will Use Multiple Currency

Also, the game is integrating the vIRL Market, which will allow players to list items on a secondary marketplace. The Market will also allow WAXP, BRWL, and Gold NFTs.

There is a total of 36.6 million BRWL tokens, meaning that 95% have been mined already, and the mining process will soon end.

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