Blockchain Brawlers Unveils Amazing September Updates

Brawlers is set for a game-changing September with a slew of updates. Version 1.5.22 brings rebranded assets on September 7th. Epic Store distribution, BluMint partnership, in-game asset display, quality of life changes, discard pile feature, and the highly anticipated Brawl-4-All mode round out the month.

Sep 7, 2023
by Michael
Blockchain Brawlers Unveils Amazing September Updates

In the bustling world of virtual Metaverse gaming, Brawlers are gearing up for an adrenaline-pumping September. In recent times, the team has announced a 1 million BRWL Token giveaway and an eSports series tournament.

Now, They are rolling out a series of updates that promise to revolutionize the gameplay. Let's take a closer look at what's on the horizon.

On September 7th, Brawlers can expect a significant visual overhaul with the arrival of version 1.5.22. This update introduces rebranded assets, offering a more user-friendly and sleeker aesthetic. These changes will be immediately noticeable on Alpha deck cards and moves, giving the game a fresh new look.

Epic Store Distribution (Coming Soon)

In a move aimed at expanding its player base, Brawlers is making a shift towards the Epic Store launcher. The groundwork is already laid, with completed publishing processes and secured ESRB and IARC ratings. By the end of September, Brawlers will have a "Coming Soon" page on the Epic Store. Players are encouraged to set up their free Epic Store accounts to seamlessly continue their Brawlers journey. This strategic move seeks to make the game more accessible, especially to core gamers.

BluMint Partnership

The ongoing partnership with BluMint remains a robust collaboration. BluMint will host one final event before transitioning to automation mode in October. Additionally, discussions are underway regarding the automation of weekly BCB competitions, pending player interest and the success of their tournament hosting software.

In-Game Asset Display (Third Week of September)

Brawlers are in for a treat in the third week of September as the game enables the display of collected assets within the gameplay itself. This update will bring session data and account validation directly to the client, enhancing the gaming experience. The free-to-try mode, a hit with newcomers, will continue to be available, welcoming more players into the Brawlers' community.

Additionally, the month comes packed with quality of life improvements. Enhanced in-match stability will ensure crashes are a thing of the past, and card dealing goes off without a hitch. Post-hand damage calculations will offer players valuable insights into the scoring system, Flexing, and the Power Meter, making the game more accessible to newcomers.

Discard Pile Feature

A significant in-game change is the introduction of a discard pile. Gone are the days of reshuffling after each hand. Instead, the shuffle rule will trigger when there are a minimum of 9 cards in the discard pile. This strategic shift gives early folding a slight advantage and raises the bar for successful Flexing.

Brawl-4-All Mode (Last Week of September)

The grand finale of September promises the much-anticipated Brawl-4-All mode, set to launch in the last week of the month. This mode introduces a unique in-ring advantage system based on players' assets. The more high-quality assets you possess, the more formidable your in-ring brawler becomes. Luck will still play a role, keeping the competition fierce and unpredictable.

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