Bloktopia's 2nd Birthday Celebration at M3TASPACES

Bloktopia's 2nd birthday bash was a virtual extravaganza at M3TASPACES, breaking concurrent user records. The event showcased enhanced avatar features, interactive Q&A sessions, and improved voice and text chat.

Oct 7, 2023
by Michael
Bloktopia's 2nd Birthday Celebration at M3TASPACES

Bloktopia, the innovative metaverse platform, celebrated its 2nd birthday in style with a virtual event hosted within the enchanting M3TASPACES. Despite some minor technical hiccups, the event was a massive success, showcasing Bloktopia's growth and exciting features. The event witnessed an astounding number of concurrent users, a testament to Bloktopia's scalability and growing community engagement. It's clear that the platform is gaining popularity worldwide.

Additionally, the celebration introduced enhanced avatar capabilities, including dynamic emotes for more expressive avatars. Users can now enjoy various dance moves and idle animations, enhancing the overall experience.

Interactive 'Ask A Question' Feature

A new "Ask A Question" button was unveiled, enabling users to submit questions to speakers and moderators via their HUD. This interactive feature fosters better communication and engagement during events.

Voice and Text Chat Improvements

Bloktopia showcased improvements to voice and text chat functionality, based on valuable user feedback. These enhancements provide clearer and smoother communication options, making interactions more enjoyable.

Token Burn Announcement

One of the most exciting announcements was the impending burn of 144,820,000 $BLOK tokens, acquired from REBLOK NFT landsale purchases. This burn will reduce the token supply, benefiting $BLOK holders and the platform's long-term sustainability.

Whale World Teaser

Attendees were treated to a sneak peek of Whale World, a highly anticipated feature within Bloktopia's M3TASPACES. Whale World offers users the chance to discover and engage with innovative crypto projects. The first show is on the horizon, and more details about this exciting environment will be shared soon.

M3TAPASS V2 Launch

The event also teased the imminent launch of M3TAPASS V2, a major update that includes crypto wallet features. Users can securely manage their crypto assets within their M3TAPASS account, solidifying the platform's role as a passport to the metaverse.

Despite minor technical challenges, Bloktopia's 2nd birthday event was a resounding success, highlighting its journey towards becoming a leading metaverse platform.

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