Bloktopia's Third M3TASPACES Community Test Set for September 28, 2023

Bloktopia is set to host its third public test of M3TASPACES on September 28, 2023. With doubled capacity, this virtual event aims for stability, better audio, and a sharper visual experience.

Sep 27, 2023
by Michael
Bloktopia's Third M3TASPACES Community Test Set for September 28, 2023

On September 28, 2023, Bloktopia is gearing up to host its third public test of M3TASPACES, the innovative virtual event space. This test comes after valuable insights from the previous session, which revealed user queues as a challenge. To address this, Bloktopia is doubling the capacity, expecting over 500 users for the upcoming event.

What You Need to Participate

To join this exciting virtual event, you'll require a few essential tools:

  1. The M3TAPASS app on your mobile phone
  2. A desktop computer
  3. A reliable broadband connection

Once the event URL is shared, you can use your mobile device to scan in and participate.

What to Anticipate

This iteration of M3TASPACES promises a more stable build, accommodating a larger number of concurrent users while maintaining high quality and minimizing lag. The Heads Up Display (HUD) has undergone improvements, offering better guidance for navigation. Audio enhancements aim to remind users to unmute their browsers for seamless voice chat.

Visually, the experience will be sharper, and the test will evaluate Vagon, a cloud computer and application streaming service. Vagon eliminates the need for powerful PCs or VR headsets by hosting the build in the cloud, making M3TASPACES accessible globally.

Additionally, numerous smaller features and improvements have been integrated into this build, including:

New Features and Improvements

  • Enhanced stability
  • Improved networking and content downloading
  • Increased room capacity to 125
  • Expanded presentation capacity to 625
  • User experience (UX) enhancements
  • Comprehensive HUD improvements
  • On-screen tutorial
  • Emotes displayed on screen
  • Enhanced presentation flow
  • Streamlined controls, including right mouse button camera rotation
  • Mouse interactions with all HUD elements
  • Communication features, such as text chat and voice improvements
  • Microphone feedback compensation enhancements
  • Vagon improvements, including stream color and stability
  • Better support for Bluetooth headsets
  • Enhanced queuing system

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