Bombcrypto Shares Details on Ranking Mechanism

Losers will forfeit points depending on their ranks, while winners will get points based on the opponent's rank.

Jan 4, 2023
by Michael
Bombcrypto Shares Details on Ranking Mechanism

Details of The Ranking Mechanism

BombCrypto has released details into the Ranking Points for players who win or lose games in Battle Mode in Bomberland. Players who lose games will get losing points depending on their rank. 

The medals, Bomb Rank, and Losing Points are as follows:

  • Iron I — BR 0; LP 0
  • Iron II — BR 100; LP 0
  • Copper I — BR 200; LP 10
  • Copper II — BR 300; LP 10
  • Silver I — BR 450; LP 20
  • Silver II — BR 600; LP 20
  • Gold I — BR 800; LP 30
  • Gold II — BR 100; LP 30

However, when players win a game, their Winning Point will depend on the rank of their opponents. If the opponent has the same or higher rank than the player, such a player will get +20 points. 

If the opponent is four ranks below, they will gain +1 point. For example, when those in Gold I (BR 800) win a player in Copper I (BR 200), they will get +1 point. 

If players win a +1 Winning Point, the boosters will not be applied and will remain in your inventory.

About BombCrypto

BombCrypto is a play-to-earn NFT game that works on the Binance Smart Chain network. In this pixel game, players can explore the world and use their bomber heroes to battle monsters and bosses to earn BCOIN. 

The game has an adventure mode where players choose heroes and upgrade them by destroying monsters. They can also join some matches by wagering BCOIN. BombCrypto completed its roadmap months ago by launching rescue missions and a marketplace where players can trade bombers.

BombCrypto is a brainchild of Senspark, a Vietnamese indie game studio founded by Lam Ho. The studio has launched 40+ games which have been downloaded 100 million times.

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