BoomLand Reveals Teaser for its First NFT Game Hunters On-Chain

The blockchain title will go live in Q4, allowing players to train and play with voxel-based NFT Hunters to earn $BOOM and $BGEM tokens.

Oct 10, 2022
by Akira Ming
BoomLand Reveals Teaser for its First NFT Game Hunters On-Chain

Here's a first look at BoomLand's upcoming title

BoomBit's Web3 gaming platform BoomLand is welcoming its first NFT game, "Hunters On-Chain" in Q4. With that, the team has dropped a short teaser below, showing what's to come in the magical world of the play-and-earn universe. 

Taking inspiration from BoomBit's global hit "Hunt Royale", Hunters On-Chain is a fantasy blockchain title where players can train and play with their voxel-based NFT Heroes to earn Passion Income. That's right, in the vast universe of BoomLand, gamers are rewarded with Passion Income instead for their efforts and dedication. 

In Hunters On-Chain, you will play as one of the Hunters with more than 40 character classes available. Set in a virtual world of magic, weapons, and treasure, players will compete to become the best hunter fighting against menacing monsters and nemesis. 

Tokenomics of Hunters On-Chain

The NFT title employs a dual-token model with $BOOM as a governance token and $BGEM as an in-game token. $BOOM is the most valuable resource in the game and brings exclusive benefits to holders, such as increased staking APY, access to restricted areas, eligibility for premium rewards, and more. 

On the other hand, $BGEM serves as an in-game currency of BoomLand and a primary reward token for players participating in the game. $BGEM can also be used to purchase Hunt Boxes, which contain a selection of in-game assets like Hero Shards, $BGEM tokens, special items, and new NFT Hunters. 

Game Modes in Hunters On-Chain

Once your hunters are ready, just send them to any six fast-paced game modes below to earn $BOOM, $BGEM, or Artifacts. 

  • Hunt: A co-op game of 4 hunters competing over three minutes to be the number one player. If you're the winner, you will receive a number of $BGEM based on your final score. 
  • Boss Hunt: 4 hunters battle against fiercer and fiercer foes until they manage to defeat the level boss. Players earn $BGEM, NFT Equipment, and Artifacts based on their final rankings.
  • Co-Op: 2 players work together to conquer waves upon waves of enemies in survival mode. The longer they survive, the more $BGEM they will make. 
  • Duel: Players go head to head in a two-out-of-three match. The last one standing takes all the $BOOM and $BGEM tokens.   
  • Bounty Hunter: Players are matched with 9 other players to duke it out in a battle royale. Like Duel, the winner takes it all from a pool of $BOOM and $BGEM prizes. 
  • Dungeons: Being the most challenging game mode, players will earn Artifacts instead of $BGEM by facing off against stronger and stronger enemies in dungeons. 

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