Releases PvP Staking & More New Features

The new features added to include PvP staking, new leaderboards, and withdrawable $RUN (wRUN) tokens.

Jul 8, 2023
by Dragan Releases PvP Staking & More New Features

Sports-based social gaming platform has recently got various new features for players to enjoy, including PvP staking, new leaderboards, and withdrawable $RUN (wRUN) tokens.

With the introduction of PVP staking, it’s now possible to take on Player-vs-Player staked matches, where players wager their $RUN tokens for a chance at being the winner who gets to take all the tokens. As the platform contains various mini-games based on cricket, players have multiple options to choose from to compete in alongside varying stakes.

The newly-added leaderboards include weekly, monthly, and all-time leaderboards. This provide an added level of competition among players, incentivizing everyone to do their best every week and month in an effort to earn various rewards.

Withdrawing $RUN tokens is now officially available, making it possible for players to convert tokens earned from playing mini-games into withdrawable $RUN (wRUN) tokens by taking part in PvP stakes games.

These are all the new goodies introduced to the play-to-earn cricket-based platform. The developers have however teased that “thrilling” tournaments are coming soon, giving everyone a chance at earning a “hefty sum” of wRUN. No details on when these tournaments will go live seem to be available at the time of writing. was revealed as one of the first games to be launching on the Ronin Network. As such, Sky Mavis is one of their partners, alongside Yield Guild Games, Impossible Finance, and more. The cricket-focused ecosystem can be accessed by downloading it through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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