Buy Game Suites with Crypto at Houston Texans Team Matches, Powered by BitWallet

The sports industry is closely related to the crypto and NFT space. Another example of their marriage is the Houston Texans selling single-game suites against crypto.

Aug 20, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Buy Game Suites with Crypto at Houston Texans Team Matches, Powered by BitWallet

The NFL team is partners with BitWallet, and this move is a part of the deal between these two parties. BitWallet will also exchange the cryptocurrency into fiat for the club when required. 

A Local Agency is the first Beneficiary

A local agency EWR Digital bought the single-game suite minutes after the offer came out. This transaction finds its place in the history books as the first time a game suite is purchased with crypto. As of now, Houston Texans is only offering suites for the game and nothing else. 

Will other perks and items will be available in the future for the same kind of deal is not known. A game suite is a luxury box people can book to watch the game. This box is special because it has expensive alcohol, a buffet, TVs, bathrooms, and a great spot to watch the game from. 

The Houston Texans team has not shared the amount of the transaction. Nor has it listed the price of suites for other games on the website. But estimating via single seats, the cost can be between $14,000 to $25,000. 

A BitWallet representative shares that in some instances, the cost can climb as high as $40,000. 

Similar Transactions of the Past

While this is the first of its kind deal, there are other partnerships and transactions to look at. In April this year, the Dallas Cowboys and signed a deal. The latter is now the official digital asset partner of the club for multiple years. 

Dapper Labs and NFL plus NFL Players Association (NFLPA) collectively launched the NFL All Day NFT Collectible project. This deal helped both the sports organizations make $36.8 million from the NFT sales. 

There are several NFL players directly associated with crypto and NFT collectibles. Aaron Rodgers, Odell Beckham Jr, and Trevor Lawrence take a part of the salaries in crypto. Tom Brady launched an NFT marketplace Autograph in April last year. 

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