ChainZ Arena MOBOX Edition Reveals Season 11 Update

The new season brings multiple adjustments to ChainZ's in-game features such as Hero Awaken, Hero Skills, Treasure Island, and more.

Nov 3, 2022
by Akira Ming
ChainZ Arena MOBOX Edition Reveals Season 11 Update

MOBOX has launched ChainZ Arena Season 11 with multiple adjustments

ChainZ Arena, a cross-blockchain idle RPG mining game in the MOBOX ecosystem, has officially kicked off Season 11 with multiple updates. Starting November 2nd, everyone can access the blockchain title to join the seasonal event for free. 

This time, the brand new season brings multiple changes to Hero Awaken, Hero Skills, Treasure Island, and more. Notable adjustments include: 

The Hero Awaken mechanism 

Moving forward, only Legendary Heroes can use the Hero Awaken feature to activate the skills in the 5th and 6th positions. According to MOBOX, when the Hero is first awakened, it will receive a random skill, which can be replaced with other skills from the skill library. 

Notably, initiating the Hero Awaken process and replacing a Hero's skill will cost a certain fee in $MEC. All Hero Awaken skills will be reset once the season ends.

Adjusted Hero Skills and Treasure Island

There are 23 Heroes adjusted through balancing changes. The platform also adjusted the $MEC reward for Treasure Island. So when Treasure Island burns 50% of MBOX at the start of a season, the multiplier for the $MEC reward will be 10 instead of 15. 

Also, the team has increased the plunder ratio in ChainZ Arena. The ratio for defeating one opponent team is now 5%, while the ratio for beating two opponent teams is 7%. Players can purchase up to 20 plunders daily instead of 10 from the previous season. The end-of-season stake limit also went up from the last 24 hours to 72 hours. 

Above all, the game is giving out more plunder rewards to all players in Season 11. Depending on the number of $MBOX staked by the attacker (N) and the number of teams that defeated the enemy (M), an attacker can get an extra NxM amount of spirits as a reward. Each attacker can only receive up to 10,000 spirits at max. 

Other minor updates

Team MOBOX also added three gift package tiers for consumption gift packages in ChainZ Arena. They have also adjusted the daily treasure chest by increasing the resource rewards for Crystal Chests and Gold Chests.

Artifact enhancement consumption is also adjusted, as the team has increased the Gold requirements for each enhancement level. Besides, players will now have to spend Gold instead of spirits when upgrading their Ranger Totems and Assassin Totems. 

For more information, check out the official post below: 

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