Shares Details on Foraging

Foraging will improve economy and it will be released in staged phases.

Sep 30, 2022
by Michael Shares Details on Foraging

Chikn has integrated foraging into its ecosystem to drive growth, upgrade NFT utility, and enhance gameplay. This process will give more utility to chikn, Roostr, and Farmland; and all the traits and rarities within the ecosystem. 

The game team said, 

"Foraging is our most complex product release to date and marks our first major off-chain infrastructure. It relies extensively on APIs and interfacing with the blockchain, so things will naturally be a bit different from our past releases that live almost entirely on-chain."

Foraging will be released in a staged rollout, and it will start with Open Alpha, divided into versions and the first one being Accumulation.

The first version allows chikn and Roostr owners to experience accumulation for free. This phase will last for a week and help the team get feedback on Foraging. Asset holders will have 1000 EGG and 20,000 FERT tokens for demo use, which will reset after the alpha period.

Asset owners need some items to begin foraging. First, the Farmland must be larger than 1 Bigness and have at least 1 chikn (any KG) or 1 Roostr (minimum of 24KG). The flat fee per forage for chikn and Roostr is 6 $EGG and 60 $FERT, respectively.

Players must take their $EGG and $FERT off-chain into the API-based application to start foraging.

Foraging time also follows some metrics. For example, each Farmland starts with a bare time of 24 hours but after the initial release, the time becomes fixed for all chikn and Roostr. As time progresses, the NFT size will affect forage time, and additional changes will occur later.

Players must have some resources before they can craft items. These items have blueprints containing all the resources needed to craft them. Items include Avian Adrenaline, Fresh Topsoil, Rusty Pickaxe, etc. The new item will appear in the inventory once it has been crafted, and owners can use it to equip their chikn, Roostr or Farmland.

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